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Kylie Jenner: Clear statement on nude pictures

Kylie Jenner is not stingy with her charms on Instagram and likes to flaunt her body. But has the self-made millionaire shown too much skin in the past and even sent a nude picture in the end? She expresses herself directly on this.

For some time now, Kylie Jenner has been more private and active on social media than ever before. Apparently, she wants to cheer up her fans in the dreary times of the Corona crisis with her daily stories and pictures that she and her daughter Stormi show and distract them from the boring everyday quarantine. Now the 22-year-old self-made billionaire has uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel, which she shows together with her three best friends Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou, Yris Palmer and Victoria Villarroel. Of course, the video was recorded a few weeks ago - the girls are no longer allowed to meet. Kylie Jenner but probably thought that now would be a good time to distract her followers with the funny post.

Kylie takes a stand

In the video that Kardashian sister Kylie Jenner has now uploaded to YouTube and that shows her with her three best friends, the girls play the game: "Who would rather?" The way it works is that they ask each other spicy questions and answer them all honestly. In this way, the viewer learns which of the friends is most likely to do certain things or has even already done them. For example, the question was asked which of the four is most likely to have a baby next. The girls agreed: Kylie will soon have baby number 1! The only question is by whom, because Kylie and her ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter, Travis Scott, are currently separated and there has been no other report about a new lover of the 22-year-olds. Maybe there will be a love update soon?

In addition, the girls were asked whose nude pictures were most likely to get into the public eye. Kylie Jenner reacted immediately to the question and, according to "", promptly made it clear: "I do not send any nude pictures." Can one believe? The hot pictures that the scantily clad self-made billionaire regularly posts on her Instagram account definitely suggest that Kylie feels comfortable in her body and also likes to show it in public.