Can I import make-up to another country?

Order cosmetics abroad - when do you pay duties and taxes?

Can you just order cosmetics abroad - and when do you start paying duties and taxes?
Have you already discovered a foundation, a highlighter or an eyeshadow palette that you can only order in this one shop and then ship it from abroad? USA, China, or the UK. Now you regularly ask yourself whether you should dare to order your cosmetics and all make-up products abroad.

Would your order end up at customs and what does this depend on? Do you still have to pay customs duties or subsequent taxes? But what criteria are used to decide this and is it really worth the effort? You can find out everything about this topic and specifically related to decorative cosmetics in this article. - Here you will also find all information about customs regulations and what you should pay attention to.

Tasks of the customs authority

Zoll always sounds incredibly negative. Now I ask myself what exactly are the duties of the customs authorities.

  • Control of goods that are transported across German borders
    (e.g. cosmetics must comply with the EU cosmetics regulations)
  • Confiscation and destruction of plagiarism
  • Belongs to the Federal Ministry of Finance and is therefore responsible for the correct collection of certain taxes
    (In our case the Import sales tax EUSt, the the value added tax corresponds to: in the amount of 7% or 19%)

So if I order goods abroad, for example, a distinction must be made as to whether the order is from a EU state or one Non-EU country is shipped.

When does my package end up at customs?

Now we ask ourselves, when will my package end up at customs and what does this depend on? First of all, we have to take a look at which shop we order from and from which country it is shipping. For example, if it is an American shop or one from China, it belongs to the non-EU countries. Is it a shop from that EU areaso is the broadcast as a rule uninteresting for customs.

There are a few exceptions, because if you are a member of the EU, you do not also belong to the customs territory of the EU. You can get a lot of information directly from customs on the website.

Ordering cosmetics within the EU

There is one thing to keep in mind here. Even if a state is a member of the European Union, it does not immediately mean that this state is also to be European Customs union belongs. But we don't want to go into too much detail here.
If you order (cosmetics) from the following countries (Members of the European Customs Union), these are goods tax and duty free.

In the EU: No import sales tax and no customs duties

European Union (EU) customs territory

Excise tax, what is it and do I have to pay it?

In all of the examples I will exclude the consumption tax. There is a short explanation anyway, as you have probably stumbled upon it in connection with this topic.

The Excise duty will be on Products such as coffee, beer, alcohol, tobacco, electricity, gasoline, perfume and eau de toilettes additional to the VAT charged. You as the buyer wear these.

For example, here in Germany when you buy one of these goods at the checkout. So if we order goods on the Internet, regardless of whether they are abroad or not, we have to pay the excise duty in any case.

How and when you have to pay this, I do not explain here in more detail. Fortunately, make-up is tax-free!

Ordering goods from non-EU countries (third countries)

For example you want. in one Shop from USA, or China order, then you have to pay attention to the following:

  • What is the value of the goods?
    1. If it is less than € 22
    2. It is between 22 and 150 €
    3. Or over 150 €
Value of goods = postage costs + price of the product

1. Value of goods below € 22

Is the value of the goods including postage € 22 or less, then your broadcast is Toll-free (Exemption limit of € 22).
The package will be delivered to your home without a stopover and will not end up at customs.

There is even one unofficial exemption limit of 26,50€. Why are you wondering The customs authorities have so much to do that all * goods that have an additional VAT payment of less than € 5 are allowed through.

* There are always exceptions to the rule 😉

2. Value of goods between € 22 and € 150

These goods are not tax-free, but duty-free.

If your order has a goods value of 22 to 150 €, you would have to pay the import sales tax retrospectively EUSt of 19 % submit. In our example, the price is no longer € 140, but € 166,60 €.

* estimated VAT

Attention: from a value of 22 € import duties are due!

3. Value of goods over 150 €

If your order, including shipping, is worth more than € 150, there is an additional customs fee. This differs from product group to product group. At cosmetics is the customs duty between 0 to 6.5%

* estimated customs duties

Table: When customs and taxes EUSt?

Brexit: trade between Great Britain - Germany

Will Brexit mean that you will soon have to pay customs duties on beauty items from England?

The recently finalized EU-UK deal states that British products generally duty free stay. Deliveries from the island can, however still more expensive become.

New import rules for products from the UK

Since January 1st, 2021, new import barriers apply to deliveries from Great Britain (does not apply to Northern Ireland), which can make your order more expensive. For one, be duties then due when you get products from a value of goods of 150 euros that are not primarily made in the UK. So you may no longer be able to get a Japanese luxury lipstick via detours duty-free via British shops.

In any case, already falls froma value of22 euros now one Import sales tax at. Below this value, British beauty products are exempt from import duties (except for perfumes and eau de toilette).

Find out about all costs in advance

In addition to import sales tax EUSt can sometimes be high freight charges to be added. So if you want to continue to purchase UK beauty items, you should read up on all possible costs. In case of doubt, direct contact to the shop is the best way.

Beauty Bay: Taxes and Customs after Brexit

You can find the following excerpt in the FAQs on the Beauty Bay website:

The prices shown for EU countries already include the local taxes of the respective delivery country.

So if you select, for example, “Germany” as the delivery country as usual, the items will already be displayed including the VAT. So you do not have to pay this as a customer, but here the dealer (Beauty Bay) takes care of it.

Customs calculator

Are you unsure whether and how much taxes and / or customs duties you have to pay now? This is a great help Customs calculator of
Here you can enter all your data wonderfully and he will immediately create the fees that you might have to pay.

Customs declaration

The sender attaches the customs declaration to the mailing and contains important information Information to value and content the shipment. This enables customs to determine the country-specific customs duties and import sales taxes.
So if you want to place an order and the shop will send your shipment from a country that does not belong to the European Customs Union, it must attach a customs declaration.

If this declaration is not used, you can assume that you will receive a notification from the customs authorities. If the declaration of content is in doubt, a visit to customs can also be expected in this case.

Online shopping and the EU right of withdrawal

Your package has arrived and now you realize that you have ordered one too many lipstick. Or you don't want the whole show anymore. No problem as long as you are in one European shop ordered has. Because from the day on which you accepted the order, you have 14 days to return your goods. So you can place your order 14 days recall and that without giving reasons.

Beauty online stores

I have put together a few of the most popular beauty online shops here and sorted them according to EU affiliation. In all German and British shops you are exempt from duty and taxes and can order your cosmetics abroad without worries. In the international shops that are outside the customs union border, you have to check the value of your order.

Do you have a few additions or specific questions about the various shops? Then feel free to write to me, I'll answer you and, if necessary, add to my article.

See you soon,

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