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How to Become a Better Software Developer

Recently someone on Twitter asked me for tips on how to become a better software developer. This blog post is intended to ensure that not just one person benefits from the ideas. The contribution does not claim to be complete. So if you have further ideas: I look forward to your comments!

Software developers often define themselves by the programming language or framework they use. I actually think that's a shame, because both are just tools. Actually, a good developer should be able to do several. Any tips on how to learn a programming language or framework would go beyond the scope of this blog post.

The pragmatic programmer

However, learning new languages ​​certainly makes sense. That leads me to my book tip "The Pragmatic Programmer" or "The Pragmatic Programmer". It is such a collection of tips - and therefore just the thing for this blog post. The book is almost twenty years old, but that just shows how fundamental the tips are. By the way, one of the tips is to learn a new programming language every year.

Exchange between developers

Certainly there are other important books out there, but the exchange between developers is even more important in my opinion. One way to learn from one another in a very practical way is through code retreats. The participants practice techniques such as refactoring, pair programming or test-driven development in a very practical way. November 17th is the Global Day of Code Retreat, where code retreats take place around the world. Maybe there is one around. If not: There are instructions on how to organize your own event. Similar practical learning events are Code Katas, where developers can solve problems together and learn from each other and try out different approaches. In mob programming, on the other hand, the whole team works together on a problem in the code. That also strengthens the exchange.

Developers can implement such activities with other interested parties in their own company. Another possibility are the software workshops, where like-minded people meet. In general, meetups on various topics from software development can now be found in many cities. And of course a large number of conferences.

Of course, a reference to an older blog post that listed further training opportunities in the field of software development not only for children and underrepresented groups should not be missing.

So much for the brief overview - I look forward to additions and comments!

tl; dr

Developers learn best from one another. For that there are different possibilities.

Eberhard Wolff

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