Why does facial hair grow so fast

Does hair grow faster when you shave?

You hear that over and over again, but it's proven to be wrong. The hair grows on the hair root, i.e. in the body, below the surface of the skin. And what I do with my hair outside of the body is of no interest to the hair follicle; she doesn't even notice.

Dead matter with no flow of information

Hair is dead matter. Therefore, no information flows back from the tip of the hair into the hair follicle. It is different with a blade of grass, for example: a blade of grass is living material. If I cut it off, it doesn't necessarily grow faster, but it forms more side shoots underground; a mown lawn grows thicker. This is not the case with the hair. As is well known, they do not branch, at most they split up when they are too long and brittle.

Hair that grows back after shaving is often thicker

Why the rumor of hair that grows faster after shaving is still so persistent may have the following background: When hair grows back after shaving, it often feels rough and the hair that grows back is often thicker and looks darker than before especially after a first shave. But this has the following background: When a young man shaves for the first time, the young whiskers on the tip are still relatively thin and soft. But if he cuts this hair in a relatively thick area, the hair that grows back looks stronger than before. But that doesn't mean it's growing faster.

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