How were Roman streets and streets named?

Römerstraße (Roman road network)

There were five Roman road stations in what is now the state of Salzburg. Not all of them can be precisely located today. Cucullae, fourteen miles south of Iuvavum, was near Kuchl, probably near the Georgenberg. Vocarium, seventeen miles further, is believed to be in the Pfarrwerfen area. Ani (sus) one looks for in Altenmarkt im Pongau. In the place name Anisus is the name of the river Enns. The street station at the top of the Radstädter Tauern pass was called In Alpe, the mansio is probably under the church or the cemetery of the nameless. Immurium (Moosham) is explored. From there the road continued via Thomatal, Ramingstein, Stadl an der Mur and Murau Virunum (on the Zollfeld north of Klagenfurt). At Moosham, a road branched off from the beginning of the 3rd century AD Teurnia (St. Peter in the Wood). During archaeological excavations in Pfongau, a rest station from Roman times was rediscovered, the old one Tarnantons.


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