Why don't Chevy Volts hold their worth

Use a simple trick to expose weak car batteries

The car battery has to do the hard work not only in freezing cold and sub-zero temperatures. Autodrivers should therefore pay special attention to the battery. A simple trick helps to identify a weak battery.

Battery problems are the reason for almost every second car breaks down. This is due to the high average age of our cars, but also to a lack of maintenance and care. Because it is very easy to see whether a battery will run out of power soon.

Car battery: This is a quick way to determine the state of charge

You can check the battery level by parking the car in the dark in front of a wall, turning off the engine and turning on the low beam. If the light becomes noticeably darker after a short time, the battery is weakening.

However, a sign of a bad condition of the car battery is also if the engine starts badly in the morning.

Easy check with a voltmeter

You can also measure the voltage of the battery with the help of a voltmeter. For this purpose, the positive cable is held at the positive pole of the battery when the ignition is switched off and the negative cable is attached to the negative pole. The voltage of a fully charged and intact battery is 12.8 volts.

If the battery is still in good condition, the voltage is between 12.7 and 12.4 volts. If the value is lower, it should be loaded.

The contacts on the battery should also be checked. If they are dirty or oxidized, leakage currents develop, which discharge the battery.

Have the car battery checked in the workshop

The ADAC generally advises having older car batteries checked in the workshop. In the fourth year, most of the batteries run out, according to the traffic club.

Motorists should therefore visit a workshop at the first signs of diminishing battery power. There you can quickly find out whether the battery just needs to be recharged or replaced.

Switch off power guzzlers

If you handle the battery carefully in winter, you can prevent an annoying battery failure. "That's why the following applies with a cold start: radio, fan, headlights, rear window and seat heating, i.e. all additional power guzzlers, off and before starting the clutch," advises TÜV Rheinland.

A clean engine compartment protects against discharge

In order to save the battery, the energy consumers should be used as sparingly as possible while driving - with the exception of the low beam, of course, which is particularly important in the dark months.

Low-friction motor oils also help

Also helpful: fully synthetic, low-viscosity, low-viscosity motor oils (as recommended by the manufacturer). According to TÜV Rheinland, they are distributed more quickly in the machine and make the engine run more easily after a frosty night. Another positive effect: The synthetic oils can reduce electricity consumption by almost 25 percent.