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Does an EXIT pool cover fit my pool?

Do you already have a frame pool in the garden and would you also like a cool pool cover from EXIT Toys? Good choice! The pool covers are also available separately from us. And these are not only suitable for EXIT pools, they also fit pools from other brands! Are you wondering whether there is a suitable cover for your frame pool? In this blog we explain the possibilities to you.

What should you look out for when buying a cover?

Our pool covers only fit frame pools and not pools with a different construction, such as B. a steel wall pool. The covers are designed for mounting on the tubes of the pool frame. It is also important that the cover fits your pool. To determine whether the EXIT pool cover fits your frame pool, first check the size of the pool. Is it within the specifications? Then it's time to check the frame thickness and height.

The right frame thickness and height

In addition to the dimensions of the pool, the pipe thickness of the frame is important. As you can see in the table below, the EXIT Toys cover fits pools with legs that are no thicker than 40 millimeters in diameter and whose top rail is not more than 50 millimeters in diameter. So measure the frame of your pool well before ordering the cover. In addition, the round covers only fit round frame pools with an even number of legs. Does your pool meet all of these requirements and is it between 50 and 130 centimeters high? Then you're in luck: the EXIT cover fits your frame pool!

The rectangular covers with the dimensions 400 x 200 cm and 540 x 250 cm are Not suitable for pools of another brand.

All dimensions in a row

The table below gives a clear overview of the requirements that your pool must meet. Check the dimensions of the pool, legs and top rail and find the right cover for your pool.


Find your perfect pool cover

Order the EXIT pool cover on our website and complete your frame pool. With a cover from EXIT Toys on your pool, it will definitely be a great summer! Check out our range of pool covers.

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