What does Komorebi mean

komorebi: A beautiful and customizable wallpaper manager

We continue to review the relevant applications personalize and give our distribution a new face Linux Favorite, this time we're lucky enough to let you know Komorebi, a beautiful, customizable and simple one Wallpaper managerthat has a number of interesting styles, images, and options.


What is Komorebi?

Komorebi It's beautiful and impressiveWallpaper manager It is open source for any Linux distribution and was developed in Vala ofAbraham Masri.

The tool has customizable backgrounds They can be configured in different ways and at any time they can be enriched with various options that the tool offers using multiple screen backgrounds (animated, static, gradient, etc.).

With this wallpaper manager we can add the statistics of our system (use of RAM memory, hard drive, ...) to our background, add a dark style, date and time, optimize the performance of funds and take advantage of other great features.

The panel is very easy to use and the effects of the backgrounds are just great.

How to install komorebi

To install Komorebi, just follow the steps below in any Linux distribution

  1. Install the following dependencies on your package installer,,, and

Install komorebi on Debian and derivatives

Debian and derivatives users can enjoy komorebi with the application's official .deb. To do this, just follow these steps

  1. Download from the Komorebi published page.
  2. Install Komorebi using your preferred package installer.
  3. Run Komorebi from the application menu.

Install komorebi on Arch Linux and derivatives

To install komorebi on Arch Linux and derivatives we can use AUR and run the following command:


Conclusions on the komorebi wallpaper manager

The installation of komorebi is quite straightforward and, due to its easily accessible menu, an ideal tool for beginners and experts.

The standard means komorebi already provides make it excellent, I think its rotation capabilities, low memory consumption and the ability to view system information without the use of other tools are fantastic.

It has very nice effects and we can also make our own backgrounds for komorebi by using the tutorial, this way you can add some more points. Combined with some good desktop icons and themes, komorebi can become a great tool for customizing your distribution.

I leave you with some screenshots from the developer that will whet your appetite to try out this nice, fast and excellent tool.