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World Cup 2022 qualification

The 2022 World Cup qualifying for Europe will be played by all 55 UEFA members. 13 teams qualify for the finals in Qatar. The qualifiers will be played from March 2021 to March 2022.

The World Cup 2022 qualification is organized worldwide by FIFA, the football associations and the participating countries. More than 800 qualifying matches will be played over a period of 2.5 years. 211 countries will take part in the World Cup qualification.


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The countries have to qualify for the World Cup through tournaments on their own continent. The number of countries on a continent that will ultimately qualify for the World Cup depends on the strength of that continent. The stronger the continent, the more countries can qualify. Qatar is automatically qualified as a host country.

Group Germany

Germany plays in group J of the World Cup qualification. The team will play against Romania, Iceland, Macedonia, Armenia and Liechtenstein.

Qualification match days

The World Cup 2022 qualification plan consists of the following match days:

  • Matchday 1: March 24-25, 2021
  • Matchday 2: March 27-28, 2021
  • Matchday 3: March 30-31, 2021
  • Matchday 4: September 1-2, 2021
  • Matchday 5: September 4-5, 2021
  • Matchday 6: September 7-8, 2021
  • Matchday 7: October 8-9, 2021
  • Matchday 8: October 11-12, 2021
  • Matchday 9: November 11-13, 2021
  • Matchday 10: November 14-16, 2021
  • Playoffs: March 24, 25, 28 and 29, 2022

The group matches on the schedule will therefore take place from March to November 2021. It is both a home and an away game against every opponent in the group.

The playoff games will be played in March 2022.

2 ways to qualify for the 2022 World Cup

There are two ways to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, through the group stage and the playoffs.

Qualification through the group stage

In the group stage of the 2022 World Cup qualification, the 55 teams will be divided into 10 groups of 5 or 6 countries each. Ultimately, all 10 group winners will qualify directly for the World Cup in Qatar.

Qualification through the playoffs

3 countries can qualify for the World Cup through the play-offs. The playoffs are played by the 10 numbers 2 from the group stage + 2 nations from the Nations League.

These two countries are the best teams by the Nations League overall standings that did not finish first or second in the group stage of World Cup qualifying.

The 12 countries are then divided into 3 paths, the winners of which qualify. Each path from 4 countries consists of two semi-finals and one final.

2022 World Cup qualification per football association

Below is the number of participating countries per football association and the number of countries that can qualify for the 2022 World Cup:

All 211 countries that are members of FIFA can qualify for the World Cup. Myanmar have to play their home games abroad. This is because Myanmar was initially banned from participating in support riots during the 2014 World Cup qualifier against Oman. Zimbabwe is also excluded from participating in the 2022 World Cup because the former coach José Claudinei has not paid. As a result, Indonesia was also excluded because of a penalty from the Indonesian Football Association.

Statistics World Cup 2022 qualification

The 211 countries participating in the 2022 World Cup qualification for the 2022 World Cup are a new record. The previous record was 203 football countries for the 2014 World Cup.

Even though Qatar was automatically selected as the host country, it still takes part in the qualifying competitions. The host country is classified in Group E, with the games counting for the points of the other group members (Oman, Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh). Qatar's group games also count towards qualifying for the AFC Asia Cup.

The first time more than 100 countries took part in the qualifying rounds for a World Cup was more than 30 years ago. At that time 103 countries were fighting for one of the 24 places in the WK1982 in Spain.

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The 2022 World Cup qualifiers will be played by 55 UEFA members from March 2021 to March 2022. 13 teams qualify for the World Cup in Qatar.