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Here you can find the right dog name! Feminine, masculine, funny, sweet and above all beautiful names - for females and males!

Here you can find the right dog name! We have carefully selected over 500 great names for you that best suit dogs and sorted them in lists according to ABC. There are dog names that are perfect for female or male dogs suitable, i.e. for bitches or males, as well as neutral ones, of course. There is not only German, but also english and Spanish dog names, their importance we explain each. Click on a letter to view the dog names in alphabetical order.

Animal names for dogs from A to Z:

How to find the right dog name!

Dog name, cat name - doesn't it matter? Most of the time, people choose a name that reflects the character or appearance of their pet. For example its color, spots on the paws and / or the nose.

But it makes a big difference whether you have a dog or another pet. Dogs have to listen much more to their names and to commands - in contrast to guinea pigs and hamsters. Here are three rules of thumb:

1. Dog names with "hard" letters

Dogs are particularly good at hearing names with “hard”, “sharp” initial letters such as s, sch, ch, k. In addition, dog names that end with a long vowel such as “a”, “e”, “i”, “o” or “u” work well. Examples are: Charly, Simba or Timmy.

2. No resemblance to a command

Dogs don't remember the words behind a command, but rather what they sound like. Even if we are not aware of it, we sometimes pronounce words a little indistinctly (e.g. when we are in a hurry). If the name sounds like a command, it confuses the dog unnecessarily.

The name “mouse” is not advisable for a dog, as the emphasis is on “off” - which is also the command to let go of something. Anyone who calls their dog wool and teaches him the "role" as a trick may end up with a four-legged friend who constantly rolls when you call him.

There are also situations in which you want the dog's attention, but not at the same time for him to come. But if his name is Tom, he could also understand “come”, and that is of course a problem.

3. Dog names with two syllables

Most dog trainers recommend choosing a dog name with two syllables. This makes them much easier to distinguish from commands. After all, commands usually only have one syllable (“Sitz”, “Platz” etc.).

However, three or four syllables are harder again. Not just for the dog. Imagine yelling across the park: “Food shredder Fridolin Frechdachs the fourth, come here!”.

Ultimately, all of these tips are not a “must”, but rather recommendations. If you just want to give your dog an extraordinary name, then you should do it too. But it is worthwhile to think about it in detail beforehand and not to change constantly.

Especially an (older) dog should not be renamed. But if his name really bothers you, here's a trick: Try a dog name that sounds very similar. "Pupsi" could become "Pupsi" (say it out loud, then you will understand what we mean). It is important to change the vowels as little as possible ("a", "e", "i", "o", "u"). Dogs listen particularly well to vowels.

Test the name!

Remember that if you go for a walk you will meet other people too. Especially if you let your dog run free in a dog zone, for example, you have to shout his name out loud.

If you gave him as a puppy on a spontaneous whim, e.g. For example, if you called a "flea taxi", you may find it uncomfortable later to call him around the park.

First come up with a few nice dog names and test them out (but not too many, this will confuse your four-legged friend). Also listen to your stomach. How does it feel when you call out the name Could you call him over and over again?

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