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Kiss on the first date: 7 mistakes and tips for men

It's a real horror for us guys when it comes to kissing on a first date:

While we talk to this great woman and look deep into her eyes, the air “burns” with eroticism - but we just don't dare to kiss her.

Or the reverse case with dating: we bravely approach her face with our lips and the next moment we catch a resounding slap in the face.

Many unsettled men rightly ask themselves whether kissing on the first date is a good idea - whether they are “allowed” to do so, or whether it is better to wait until the second or third meeting.

In this article, I'll tell you when is the perfect time for the first kiss when flirting - and how you can initiate it skillfully.

First date: kiss "allowed" or taboo?

It is a hotly debated issue that divides opinions.

Many men tell you that you HAVE to kiss a woman immediately on the first date - otherwise you are an unmanly "shit" for them who can get ready for the friend zone.

Other "flirt experts" (often women too) have glorified romantic ideas and warn you that you should wait until the second or third meeting before you kiss. Äääähhhm, yes ... Why not wait until the wedding?

But then the question is:

After how many dates is kissing okay?

Which side is right now? The macho daredevils or the hesitant romantics? In other words, from what date is kissing allowed?

As is so often the case in love and during first sex, the answer is:

There are no rigid "date rules" for the kiss or the right time. It always depends on the specific circumstances and what type of woman you have in front of you.

After all, we humans are emotional beings - and not robots that function predictably like clockwork.

But before you jump at my throat out of dissatisfaction with this answer, I want to explain the whole thing to you in more detail:

It's best to kiss on a first date ...

Of course, when dating, it's always good to kiss the woman as early as possible. And many girls nowadays have no problem at all with this quick rapprochement, so that we boys are basically "allowed" to do that.

With this step you show her that you are a self-confident man who knows what he wants and takes care of his sexual needs.

If she returns the kiss on the first date, this is of course a good sign that your meeting is going well and that she can imagine more with you (sex or a relationship).

At the same time, you are sure to prevent slipping into the friend zone.

After all, many men end up on the buddy track because on dates they simply don't dare to touch their counterparts at the right moment - let alone start a passionate kiss.

... but: wait for signs for the first kiss!

The rule "kiss if possible on the first date" does not mean that you should take the woman off guard! Never fall in with the door!

Often there is simply not (yet) the right mood to exchange tenderness with each other while flirting. That magical-intimate moment that you know from Hollywood pussies is missing.

Perhaps when you get to know her, you are not (yet) so sympathetic to her that she really wants to test the quality of your "mouth-to-mouth ventilation".

Or she is generally a conservative, shy and sexually less open-minded lady who NEVER kisses before the second or third date.

Landing a smooch here at the first meeting would definitely be too intrusive - and could give her the impression that you are only after sex instead of real love.

In a nutshell, the golden rule of dating is:

Always align yourself with the woman or the situation and kiss her at the right moment as soon as you recognize favorable signals for it.

And if, despite your unequivocal advances, you realize that she is simply not ready for flickering caresses, a kiss on the second or third date is also perfectly fine. She will then appreciate your patience!

First date: watch out for these kiss signals!

When are we guys allowed to kiss our loved one for the first time? An intimate approach is always allowed if the woman invites you to do so with clear signals.

In other articles I have already explained to you what the most important flirtation signals are and how you can recognize their interest.

Here I would like to specifically address signs that you can tell that she wants to be kissed. Especially with their feminine body language, women send signals when they are ready to kiss on a first date.

Look for these clear signs in women:

  • She looks you long and deep in the eyes.
  • Her look is dreamy, she closes her eyes slightly and smiles ("bedroom look").
  • It allows for more intimate touches (for example, holding hands or stroking your face).
  • It reduces the physical distance between you and touches you.
  • When talking, she comes closer to you with her face than normal.
  • Between you there is a pleasant silence or generally an erotic crackling mood.
  • She licks her lips or bites gently with her teeth.
  • While she looks at you, she does the triangular look.
  • She is clearly giving you sexual compliments.
  • She applies new lipstick again or disappears to the toilet / bathroom to “freshen up” (means: styling up again to please you).

If you do not notice any or only a few of these signals while dating, despite mutual sympathy, that is not a problem. Some women are more reluctant and do not reveal their feelings so openly.

In this case, just touch her gently and see how she reacts to you. If she likes the physical contact with you, you can go a step further and then intensify your touches until the first attempt at kissing!

By the way: this is how you conquer her on a date!

You finally want to meet your dream woman and conquer her WITHOUT receiving a rebuff? Then you have to stick to a crucial rule!

But the shocking thing is: 97% of men have no idea how to thread a romantic date and physically get closer to the woman until they have a lasting affair or relationship.

That's why these guys end up in the friend zone as "good buddies" or get no response at all while writing.

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First Date Kiss - 7 Mistakes and Tips

You have probably already noticed that there are many faux pas if you want to kiss the woman on the first date.

In another article I already gave useful tips for the first kiss.

So that nothing really goes wrong, I want to tell you about the typical male mistakes. At the same time I tell you what you have to do instead, so that your wet and happy "lip service" succeeds:

1. Establish physical contact first

A passionate kiss should never come out of nowhere when dating, but should be prepared through physical contact.

Most men avoid even the smallest touch when flirting, as if the woman were a hot stove on which you can "burn" your fingers (you can only do that in a figurative sense ...).

No wonder that this doesn't create the right mood for kissing on a first date!

The first physical contact should always be a welcoming hug.

If you then increase the touch over the course of the meeting, the transition to the kiss will feel completely natural, without taking your loved one by surprise.

2. Never wait too long before the first kiss

Even if the time is actually there, many men still do not dare to kiss on the first date - for fear of embarrassing rejection.

The desired kiss is then unspoken as a barrier between you, like the proverbial "elephant in the room".

The woman is then secretly disappointed and asks herself (often only subconsciously):

"Damn, it's so romantic here right now ... why doesn't he kiss me and make this moment perfect?"

So don't hesitate, be a courageous man and give her this gift!

The mood between you crackles like crazy? Do you discover the flirtation signals mentioned above in the woman and feel that she is ready for a kiss on a first date?

Then it is in the truest sense of the word: Close your eyes and through!

3. Don't wait for the woman's initiative

Has to do with the point before: Some shy men just hope that women will take the decisive step and start the first kiss on the date.

This wait-and-see, passive behavior is of course associated with less risk, after all, as a man, you can't get yourself rebuffed here.

But if you don't dare to flirt and dating, you won't win either!

Or as some fellows from the men's table would say: "If you don't risk anything, you masturbate!"

Because hoping for the initiative of the woman at the first kiss is a big mistake - after all, most women today still expect the man to take the helm and take the first step.

So do it too, and take the active part! Be the cool frog who kisses his princess ...

4. Don't start the kiss too early

Imagine: You only talked a few minutes after the greeting, are exchanging inconsequential small talk about a topic such as your jobs and hobbies ... and suddenly, in this early phase on the first date, you start kissing.

It should be clear that the woman will then block - because the time is simply not there yet.

There is no romantic mood between you yet, nor has she sent out any clear signals that she is ready to kiss.

5. Create an intimate mood

In addition to the touches mentioned above, you should also ensure that a romantic flirtation atmosphere arises between you in preparation for the kiss.

It starts with choosing the most relaxed and beautiful environment possible.

You don't need a dream setting with a fairytale castle and sunset like in the Disney movie ... but dating can be a little romantic.

Instead of going to the hectic train station or the packed restaurant, you'd better go to quieter places like parks and riverside to kiss the woman on your first date.

A picnic is also great, after all, love goes through the stomach, as is well known. Here you will find many more creative and romantic date ideas, also for the winter, if you still need suggestions.

The best thing is of course a kiss on a date at home, where you can flirt undisturbed.

Here you can create a romantic atmosphere with muted music and candlelight. And during a cozy movie evening - new German: Netflix and Chill - you can easily get closer to the kiss.

6. Bring up "sizzling" topics of conversation

If you are currently fooling about your tax return or swinging speeches about world politics, there is of course little sizzling romance.

To kiss the woman on the first date, you should first find common ground between the two of you and bring up interesting topics of conversation that generate positive emotions when flirting.

These can be your travels and hobbies that make you appear as an attractive man - but also personal things from your life that generate emotional closeness and deep trust.

In order to finally steer the conversation on an erotic track, you can also intersperse sexual topics and allusions in a later step. Of course, never clumsy, but always in a subtle and charming way!

7. Land a kiss goodbye?

Caution is advised here, as I already indicated in the article about goodbye on the first date.

Because when towards the end of your date there is already a "spirit of optimism" (for example because she has to get her last train), the romantic atmosphere that you need for kissing disappears.

The kiss shouldn't be an act of desperation either, because you didn't dare to approach her the whole date ... and now you see your last chance to turn things around when it comes to love just before "the shop closes".

The woman will then think:

"The guy didn't dare to get closer to me physically during the whole meeting, and now he's trying to save something before he runs out of time!"

But if the perfect mood has developed between you step by step and you are both ready NOW, a kiss goodbye on the first date is of course "allowed".

As always with women, the following also applies here:

Do not follow any dating rule, but pay attention to their flirt signals in the specific situation and listen to your gut feeling!

These tips don't stop there ...

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