Where can I get free icons

Free icons: 19 websites that should not be missing in any link collection

Are you looking for icons for your web project? Similar to the topic of stock photos, there are also plenty of sources for icons on the Internet that offer symbols for free use. We have collected the best icon websites for you.

Whether in website designs, web application interfaces or social media posts, icons are omnipresent. You should stop by these websites if you need icons for your next project:

Material design icons

Google's "Material" design system is well known. Fittingly, Google also supplies over 900 icons in material design for use on the web, as well as for Android and iOS projects. The icons are available for download under the "Apache License Version 2.0" open source license.

Noun Project

The Noun Project has ambitious goals and wants nothing less than to bring together all the visual languages ​​of our world. The Noun Project community has put over 3 million icons online. They can all be used under a Creative Commons license.

Smashing Magazine

The design magazine “Smashing Magazine” always has freebies ready that are worth a look. Regular visits to this category are therefore worthwhile.


Around 3.5 million vectorized icons can be found at Flaticon. A part of it can be used free of charge under a special Flaticon license and with attribution. Flaticon also offers a lot of functions. For example, the icons can be collected in collections and downloaded directly in the desired color or as an icon font.

Captain Icon

Mario is Captain Icon. The Spaniard offers over 350 icons for download that can be used under a Creative Commons license.

Good Stuff No Nonsense

At Good Stuff No Nonsense you can find icon packs on many different topics. In addition to a few free packs, the website also offers paid collections.


In the designer community Dribbble you can find a huge selection of high-quality icon creations in addition to a lot of inspiration under the search term “free icons”.


Around 5 million SVG icons are stored in the Iconfinder database. The icons can be filtered according to different criteria and are available under different licenses.


In addition to other design elements such as mock-ups or UI kits, GraphicBurger also offers a selection of high-quality icons. The icons can be used free of charge under GraphicBurger's own license.


Icons8 offers 51,000 icons in flat design for download. The icons can be edited with effects, changed in color and size, or labeled before they are downloaded. The icons can be used free of charge as long as a link to the Icons8 website is set.


iconmonstr, a project by the German Alexander Kahlkopf, offers a growing number of free, simple icons. The images are under their own license.


Zondicons are SVG icons that were developed for use in digital products such as websites or apps. The icons by the Canadian Steve Schoger can be used under a Creative Commons license.


IconStore, a project by the people behind CodyHouse, offers premium icons from selected designers. The icons can be used free of charge under their own license.


365cons was a project by designer Amy Devereux. In 2016 she put a new icon online every day for a year and experimented with new techniques and styles. The icons, which are still worth seeing, can be used under the MIT open source license.


Feather promises “Simply beautiful open source icons”. The icons can be adjusted in color, line width and size before they are downloaded.


IconArchive has more than 700,000 icons. Somewhat confusing: The existing icons are under various licenses. While some icons can be used freely, others are available under a Creative Commons or MIT license.


The Macedonian project is home to around 6700 unique icons that the design studio has created in recent years. The icons can be used with a backlink under their own license. If you want to do without the backlink, you will also find an extended license there, which allows this.

Font awesome

Font Awesome calls itself the most popular icon set on the web and is more than just a collection of beautiful icons. With its own content delivery network (CDN), with which you can integrate the icons directly on your website, and a large pool of instructions for use, Font Awesome is a veritable icon ecosystem. Version 6 of the popular tool is now in development.


Clarity is an entire design system from technology company VMware. Part of the system is the icon library, which can be integrated using NPM. Alternatively, you can download the MIT-licensed icons directly in SVG format.

In the end, the question remains: How do you actually manage your constantly growing collection of icons? We like to use IconJar for macOS for this. Fittingly, the makers of IconJar offer a collection of (free) icons themselves.

Do you know other icon websites that should not be missing in any well-sorted list of links?