What should all Indians know about Israel


Judaism is the oldest religion in the world that worships only one god: the Jewish faith has been around for over 3,500 years. Christianity developed from Judaism. Followers of Judaism live all over the world. With around 14.5 million followers, the Jewish religious community is the smallest of the world's most important religions.

Symbols and customs

The Star of David is an important symbol of Judaism. It is named after the Jewish King David, who lived around 1,000 BC. Lived. The holy scripture of the Jews is the Tanakh. It contains, for example, the five books of Moses, which the Jews call the Torah and which can also be found in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. The house of worship of the Jews is called the synagogue. Many Jewish men wear a kippah on the back of their heads. This is a little cap that they use to express their respect for God and to remind themselves that God is above people. For Jews, Saturday is the most important day of the week. It's called 'Sabbath' - that means 'day of rest'. Jews are not allowed to work on the Sabbath. Even cooking or driving is prohibited. Jews must always make sure that their food is 'kosher'. This word is Hebrew and means 'pure'. For example, Jews do not eat pork and they are not allowed to cook meat with dairy products such as butter or cream. It is so laid down in the Tanakh.

Persecution of the Jews

For a long time, Jews in Europe were persecuted and driven out. This hatred of Jews is called 'anti-Semitism'. Anti-Semitism was particularly bad in Germany during the Nazi era. Millions of Jews were persecuted and killed between 1933 and 1945. This time of the great persecution of the Jews in Germany under the dictator Adolf Hitler is also called the Holocaust. After the Second World War, the State of Israel was founded in 1948, in which a large number of Jews live - but just as many live in the USA. Only about 95,000 Jews live in Germany.

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