Tech is cheap in Japan

Travel tips How much does the Japan vacation cost?

Japan is not as cheap as some other Asian countries - but the myth of the super-expensive high-tech country has become obsolete. The exact costs of course depend on your own preferences and travel style. Here are a few examples of typical costs that can be incurred on a Japan vacation.

How much is the flight to Japan?

A large part of the total cost of a trip to Japan is accounted for by plane tickets. But here, too, a lot depends on how early you plan and whether you want a direct flight. If you plan early enough, you can book a direct flight for around € 700. With special offers it is sometimes even significantly cheaper.

How much does an overnight stay in Japan cost?

The basic rule in Japan is: the larger the room, the more expensive it is. At the lower end of the price range are dorm beds with shared bathrooms.

  • Bed in the hostel or in the youth hostel: 2000-4000 yen, with shared bathroom.
  • Single chamber in the capsule hotel (with shared bathroom): from 3000 ¥
  • Small double room with bathroom and breakfast in Business hotel (or in small-town minshuku / ryokan): 6000-8000 ¥
  • Double room in Middle class hotel: from ¥ 10,000
  • Double room in Luxury hotel: from ¥ 30,000
  • Overnight temple, minshuku (guest house) or mountain hut, each per person and with half board: 7,000-10,000 yen
  • Comfortable room in the onsen ryokan (with bath, half board, spa area), each per person: from ¥ 15,000
  • Luxury ryokan with half board, often with its own onsen in the room, private dining: from ¥ 30,000 per person

How expensive is eating (going) in Japan?

Eating out in Japan can be quite expensive, but also very cheap. It gets a little cheaper if you buy things on the hand or cook yourself or buy food and bento boxes in the various supermarket chains. In simple pubs there is free water or tea with the meal, in pubs or better restaurants you have to take into account the drinks in addition to the food.

  • Simple noodle soup at a self-service stand (usually to sit down): ¥ 400-800
  • Onigiri (rice balls) and other snacks: 100 ¥
  • Sushi plates in the assembly line (tea is free): from 100 ¥
  • Teishoku (fixed menu) in a simple restaurant: 1000 ¥
  • Big Mac / Hamburger at McDonalds: 390 ¥
  • Dinner at the Izakaya (Pub / inn) with several dishes: from around ¥ 2000 p / p plus drinks
  • Dinner in a western restaurant: from approx. 3000 ¥ p / P plus drinks
  • sushi In a better sushi place than dinner: from around 4000 ¥ p / p
  • Dinner in an upscale Japanese or specialty restaurant (e.g. Wagyu beef or Shojin Ryori): from 10,000 ¥ p / p

How much do drinks cost in Japan?

  • 2 liters of still water in the supermarket or Konbini: from around ¥ 100
    • Soft drink can from the can machine: 110 ¥
  • can of beer (according to purity law) in the Konbini: from 200 ¥
  • glass of beer in the restaurant: 500-900 yen
  • Glas of wine in the restaurant: 500-700 ¥
  • Bottle of sake in the restaurant: from ¥ 600
  • Café latte (Tall) at Starbucks: ¥ 380

How expensive are train rides and public transport in Japan?

  • Cheapest Subway ticket in Tokyo: ¥ 170
  • Simple Bus ticket in Kyoto: ¥ 230
  • Day ticket for bus, subway and subway in Tokyo: 1600 ¥
  • Day ticket for bus and subway in Kyoto: 900 ¥
  • Tokyo-Kyoto train ticket (Shinkansen with reservation): ¥ 14,000
  • Tokyo-Kyoto bus ticket: from 5000 ¥

How much do the sights and other activities cost in Japan?

The expenses for sightseeing in Japan can also add up - but most of the important sights are not particularly expensive compared to Europe, only special exhibitions or special openings of otherwise closed temples cost more. Most visitors should come in for sightseeing on ¥ 1000-1500 a day.

  • Temple entry in Kyoto (Top attraction): 300-600 ¥
  • Art museum or exhibition: from 1000 ¥
  • Theater ticket (Maiko dances, Kabuki): from 3000 ¥, for part of the show (single act seat) from 1000 ¥
  • Yukata rental for a few hours: from 3000 ¥
  • Tourist show or experience (Ninja, Maiko, Robot etc): from 800 ¥
  • Data sim card at the machine at the airport: from 2500 ¥ (for 7 days)