If 5x 60 what is x

Chipboard screw 4.5 x 60/35 V2A TORX TX20 with shaft 50 pieces

Chipboard wood construction screw with reinforced head

Ideal for screwing in wood construction for the wood sector
The optimal thread geometry ensures the best hold in a wide variety of wood-based materials.
The Torx TX mount ensures optimum power transmission.
Depending on the dimensions with partial thread (with shaft) or full thread (without shaft)
Diameter 8 mm is also with milled ribs under the head

In the article text is the diameter; the length and the Torx size indicated.
In the case of screws with a shaft, the length is followed by the actual thread length
The specified length refers to the screw length with head.


Torx-free Torx drive
The TX-hexalobular drive enables simple and safe screwing in, from inserting the screw to countersinking it.
No pre-drilling
Pre-drilling can be largely dispensed with.
However, we always recommend trying to use it.
they pay
only 1x shipping
per order

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