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The maximum in global app usage has not yet been reached - but the market is becoming more difficult because growth has slowed significantly.

As in many other IT segments, the business with smartphone apps has split into a market for end customer applications and one for business applications - with different degrees of maturity: On the business side, there is a real app gap, because of course Many employees in Germany use smartphones and tablets for work - but the business apps are often missing.

End customers said in the summer of this year that the long-term app boom - apart from exceptions such as Uber and Snapchat - was now over. The American market research company Comscore recently examined the status quo in that business.

The conclusion of the analysts: The “Peak App” - ie the maximum of global app usage, based on “Peak Oil” as the global oil production maximum - has not yet been reached, but the market will definitely become more difficult.

In light of this, of course, this is not surprising: As reported here in the blog at the beginning of September, online use in the USA has reached an important milestone: For the first time, the proportion of smartphone apps climbed to the 50 percent mark of all online Use.

According to Comscore, apps have been by far the largest growth driver in the consumption of online minutes in recent years - in other words: smartphone applications have so far been the most important digital point of contact with which companies and brands can reach end customers.

At the same time, the pace of growth has recently cooled significantly: the annual increase in total minutes consumed via the app halved from a good 30 percent in June 2015 to only around 15 percent in June of this year.

The entire 48-page "2016 Mobile App Report" is available for free download here after filling out a contact form. And in the following infographic more facts and figures about the app market:

Source: Comscore

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