Can Yoga Cure Constipation

I am looking for an exercise against bloating. Perhaps you can help me with a simple workable exercise.

ANSWER from Mahashakti:
Flatulence is caused by insufficient digestive power of the digestive organs. It starts with chewing: insufficiently chewed food enters the intestine in lumps. As a result, gas-forming intestinal bacteria have the opportunity to ferment them (plant food) or to rot (animal food). As with all degradation processes, various gases are then produced.
This does not happen with food that has been chewed until there are no more chunks left, i.e. until the whole mouthful has turned into a thin pulp before it is swallowed. The only way to rule out this cause of flatulence is better chewing. There is no alternative. It is recommended to chew each bite at least 50 times until there is really nothing left to chew.
Incidentally, insufficient chewing accounts for at least 80% of all flatulence. Those who chew well also have firmer gums and firmer teeth.
Eating with thorough chewing is also a wonderful opportunity for meditation: you can chew consciously and repeat a mantra or affirmation as you chew. There is a chewing motion with every syllable. This makes it easier to count the 50 chewing movements and the ingestion of food becomes a meditative energy recharge exercise. Then you are wonderfully refreshed and full of new strength for a long day. The best thing to do is to try it out consciously for 3-4 days, then you will know how it works for you.
Another possible cause of flatulence is insufficient gastrointestinal secretion. This means that the food that is chewed into a fine food pulp and then swallowed contains components that the intestine cannot break down despite being very well chewed. Even then, the gas-producing bacteria become active. Exercises that restore harmony in the stomach and intestines can help here. You can get inspiration from these exercises:
Exercise suggestions for Yoga for the stomach.

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I wish you every success with your yoga practice.
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In yoga class, participants often experience gas. Sometimes it is wanted that the peristalsis is stimulated, but sometimes it is also uncomfortable and painful, especially when the flatulence collects in the upper abdomen and can neither back nor forward. And from a certain degree of flatulence, it is better to be alone ;-)

What can I tell my yoga students? Are there positions that "promote" flatulence?

ANSWER from Vishwanath:
Many yoga exercises have an activating effect on the digestive system. This is important to stimulate the body's cleansing process. With flatulence, the body can get rid of excess ballast and toxins. There are some asanas that are also known as gas-releasing postures, such as some of the crocodile exercises and the child's posture.

It is completely normal and natural for a good yoga class to have a few winds blowing through the room. And also very liberating, because the body also frees itself from tension. It becomes of course uncomfortable when participants try to withhold this out of a false sense of shame, because this contradicts the laws of nature.

Your job as a yoga teacher is to give the participants the feeling that this is not something ethically reprehensible or undesirable, but something completely normal. And every now and then to give the participants fresh air. Over time, this will harmonize with every regular yoga practitioner. Nevertheless, it is always liberating.

I wish you a lot of inspiration and inner guidance for your teaching and your practice.

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