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Better than GTA 5? Ex-GTA developer raises $ 42 million for his own game

Former Rockstar employee Leslie Benzies developed his own "Open World" game and was now able to raise 42 million dollars for the development.

Leslie Benzies is considered to be the guide of the GTA series and left developer Rockstar after a dispute. With his studio Build A Rocket Boy he wants to bring out his own "open world" game. He now has the immense production money for it.

Everywhere: Will the open world game overtake GTA 5?

After GTA co-creator Leslie Benzies left the Rockstar studio in 2016 due to a $ 150 million legal battle, two years later he set up his own studio, Build A Rocket Boy, with offices in Budapest and Edinburgh. In 2017 he announced that he and his 130 employees were working on a game called Everywhere wants to work, a big "open world" game set in a future dystopia.

Well, three years later, according to The Telegraph, it is said that Benzies a total of $ 42 million from investors for his game. The money comes from the Chinese "World of Warcraft" operator Netease, the company Makers and Galaxy Interactive, which trades in crypto currencies. Hopefully that will give him enough money to complete his GTA alternative Everywhere.

So far there is not much information about Everywhere, there is only a concept graphic on the official site. As Benzies himself said in a 2017 "Venture Beat" interview, Everywhere will based on GTA, but going a lot further. „Everywhere has a lot of traditional gameplay mechanics, but we're aiming for something bigger that will take inspiration from everywhere (“Everywhere”)He explained.

Players are getting smarter and expecting more from their games. And we want them give the freedom to live in our worldsif that's what you want. We want to offer a variety of different game modes and styles, not just to tell our stories, but also to allow players to living the identities and adventures they most want to explore.

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So, will Everywhere become the RPG experience many GTA Online players want? It remains to be seen when Benzies will come out with new details on Everywhere, maybe even with a first trailer. With $ 42 million he should now have the necessary production money.

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