What are the limits of punk rock

At the limit of irony : Punk concert in the Nile Club with bands from the east

Ostrock was yesterday. Today there is Eastern Punk Rock: This is the only way to explain that two of the bands that played in the Nil Club on Saturday evening explicitly referred to the east of the Federal Republic: on the one hand Raging Ossis from Dresden, and then the main act Bloody East from neighboring Brandenburg an der Havel, who have traditionally been playing a concert in the student club at the New Palais on the first Saturday of the year for years. The third band on board this time was the combo Fatale Vollgen from Neustrelitz. It could hardly be more East Germans.

The first concert of the year was even viewed critically two years ago, as Bloody East reached the limits of irony: Punk rock in the premises of the university? The lights went on at the university presidium: certainly left-wing extremists. Apparently the Nile Club was planning the communist overthrow, was feared immediately - and threatened with the cancellation of the concert. On the other hand, the Nil board of directors had an amused eye roll: they weren't expecting a revolt there, but rather a loud, loud music evening, as always. And Bloody East also took it calmly: The band, which was founded in the 1990s, is very familiar with resistance to irony.

And so there was loud music instead of political messages that evening. At most, statements: that they are more than annoyed by the “concerned citizens” in their hometown of Dresden, the raging Ossis immediately let through. The band from Florence on the Elbe was clearly oriented towards the New York Hardcore of the 1990s, deep guitars, two singers who had to take turns taking a breath, everything was very classically knitted. But damn well done: a lot of chorus to sing along, melodic arcs between the hard rhythms - for the cheer it was pretty well presented.

The fatal Vollgen had no choice but to slow down the pace. They had nothing to do with hardcore either, the program was more classic punk rock: with German lyrics about football and beer and the typical four-four time. In the meantime the audience was getting warm enough and there was more movement in front of the stage. Fatal full genes continued to pay homage to conventional punk rock, the content of which they also located in their Mecklenburg homeland - with songs like “New in the street”. You can imagine the text.

In the end it got really beer-blessed in the cellar: Bloody East had only come to clear things up. Again it was more in the direction of hardcore than punk, the Brandenburgers could not serve with simple rhythms. The guests thanked them, and the temperature in the basement continued to rise to counter the cold outside. And so the evening ends as it had to end: You lay in each other's arms, clung to your beer - and you were definitely in the new year. Even without a revolution.

Oliver Dietrich

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