The dates for NEET 2018 have been announced

Under the hood

On January 1st, we welcomed the New Year with the confirmation that Need for Speed ​​Payback was about free travel - or AllDriveas we call it - is expanded. We are now about to implement the next update, the release of which is currently planned for February 13th.

What can you expect? Let's go into detail.

AllDrive: Hangouts

With the introduction of Hangouts, you can now explore Fortune Valley together with your friends and other members of the Need for Speed ​​community.

AllDrive: Hangouts will give you the opportunity to present your cars and make contacts. Regardless of whether you want to organize a spontaneous car meeting with your friends, take cool snapshots of your crew or just want to cruise the streets (and off-road) - you've come to the right place!

Catch-up packs

The tuning shop is being expanded to include new items: the catch-up packs. These packs allow you to upgrade your cars faster - that is, you can bring a car from its production version to the highest level in a significantly shorter time.
There will be three versions of this pack: Level 6, Level 11 and Level 16. They will be unlocked once you reach a certain point in the campaign.

  • The level 6 pack will be unlocked at the end of chapter 3
  • The level 11 pack will be unlocked at the end of chapter 4
  • The level 16 pack will be unlocked at the end of chapter 5

The packs can be purchased with in-game money at the following prices:

  • 71,400 for the level 6 pack
  • 131,000 for the level 11 pack
  • 180,000 for the level 16 pack

Neon and tire smoke
We are introducing new neon and tire smoke variants. These new additions will join the existing options and be found in deliveries as soon as you move up a REP level.
Both neon and tire smoke will be available in the following new colors: steel blue, candy pink, blue-green, coral red and gold.

Exchange / sale of all unequipped parts
In order to simplify inventory management, you can sell or exchange all unequipped speed cards at once in the future. As soon as you mark a parts category, you will be given the opportunity to sell or exchange all unequipped cards in this category.

Snapshot Pro Enhancements
We've made some adjustments and improvements to Snapshot Pro mode. The first is that you can now take snapshots during a takedown sequence. In addition, the camera can now zoom further away from your car, giving you more opportunities to get the perfect picture. We have also adjusted the sensitivity so that movements over longer distances are a little faster.

Another change affects objects in the background, the display quality of which has been improved in this mode in order to enable you to take snapshots of even higher quality. You can now also turn pollution on or off.

In addition to these changes, we're introducing some new filter options: Cinema, Cool, Warm, Grunge, Vintage, Desaturated, Lo-Fi, Vivid Retro, Infrazone, and Black & White Screen.

Snapshot Pro will also be available in AllDrive: Hangouts.

Main menu improvements
We made some minor adjustments to the main menu. These improvements make it easier for you to keep yourself up to date on Need for Speed ​​and to get to your desired area (campaign or multiplayer) much faster.