What are storage auctions in Wisconsin


Gaining the advantage in stock auctions is much harder than the TV shows show. It takes instinct to be smart and a lot of courage to beat your rival bidders and make real money.
Show your courage, take the risky bets and outbid your competition in all kinds of auctions, make a name for yourself as the sharpest bidder on the stage!
• OUTBID your competition in the exciting warehouse auction. Enjoy intense gameplay, choose, analyze and bid faster than your rivals in auctions all over the world!
• RUN your own pawn shop and show off your rare and valuable acquisitions. Drew the customers from all over the world to spend money on your business and get rich!
• EXPERIENCE a gripping story with appealing characters on your desire to turn your run-down family business into a city-wide business empire!
• BENEFIT from your cunning traders and unlock new buildings in the city to expand your business and make even more money!
• BE KNOWN in the auction world and get noticed by big names on stage: You never know who might want to do business with you!
• COLLECT a wide range of exotic items; from rare antiques you can get back to cars and boats you can renovate and sell for an epic profit!
Attend every auction and don't miss an opportunity to bid: some of these musty old garages are hiding treasures beyond your wildest dreams! Try your luck, but never ignore your instincts: you can make or break a bidder's career!
Be a rising star as you compete in major auctions and deal with the good and bad attention you will get: some big pawn shop moguls don't like the competition your business represents, and they pull out all the stops to your goal to hinder! Such problems come with the territory when you get rich and notorious, so be ready to deal with them!
Build your pawn shop now and be ready to bid!
Disclaimer: This app is completely free to play, some additional content can be purchased for real in-game money. If you do not want to use this function, please switch off in-app purchases in your device.
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New functions in version 1.26.1

There's new stuff in BidWars: Pawn Empire!
Now you can become a VIP for different periods of time with the new offers in the store, making it even easier and lasting to be the auction Big Boss
We also repositioned the icons on the map screen for a better experience and ease of use.
Along with this, more bugs and nuisances were solved!
Thank you for playing Bid Wars! Please do not forget to leave a new review! Your feedback means a lot!


Approval 12+ for the following:
Rare / weak: simulated gambling
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German, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

Customer reviews

Sexy just


Game Mashalla

what do you want

Cool cool

Cool game like on for tv

That's fun


Bid was it

A great game, you even learn something new.


the one who need something

That's fun

Very fun game, but it takes a long time to sell things.

Good game

I can recommend it to others



Bid Wars

Very good, but too often advertised



Very good

fdrgjjjdgkrqxenkawk ok



Very good





Larry Jr. IV
The game is ideal for dealing with the subject of pawn shops. Well based on the series "Storage Wars / Hunters".





Is none of your business


It's okay

Dj me. P.
Is a nice pastime



Actually a good game

I don't play the game for long now, but so far the game has been really fun, the only thing that is really annoying is the pay ads.



Top !

Great game for in between.


Wooden leg hamm
Top only selling time is a little too long

So cool is a lot of fun

Mega cool, it's a lot of fun ..

It's fun, crashes often

The game principle is fun, later you have so much money and don't know what to do with it. I'm level 23 and have about 1 million in money. Unfortunately, the app crashes very often on me (iPad iOS 14.2) recently.

Great game

You have a lot of fun and you don't lose interest in playing

Cool game


5 Stars

Everything perfect. Everything just takes too long to sell


Very entertaining well done!

Good game

It's fun, has little advertising and makes sense!

Cool game!

To drive away boredom cool ☺️

Best game


Very cool game

Oh man


Dj remain

Too much advertisement

You are also forced to spend way too much gold bars to have more fun for real money

Absolutely top and not pay to win

It's a lot of fun, runs clean and the advertising is not exaggerated




Really awesome game 👍🏽

Good game




Top game


Well done

Very nice to play .... unfortunately it is also a question of money, because the upgrades are quite expensive


dave 8827362

Quite well

Game makes night just somehow you don't get money less if I bid for something

Nice game

Nice game for in between


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