How can I forget a girl

How do i get it? This is how you conquer him!

How do i get it? This is how you will conquer him in four weeks!

This is the question “unfortunately” all the girls in their lives are faced with: How do I get it? You meet a cute guy and just don't know how to properly do it to make him fall in love with you. We help you!

To anticipate one thing: The most important thing is the fact that you love yourself and most importantly, stay true to yourself. There's no point in completely disguising yourself for a boy. After all, our character traits make us what we are and what the boy should like about us. The following tips are therefore only a small possibility of how you can convince him of yourself in a really short time. However, there is one thing you must never forget: You are the most beautiful, the best and the greatest! And every boy should consider himself lucky to be part of your life.

How do i get it? Week 1 - This is how he notices you:

Is every beginning difficult? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

1. Be close to him “by chance” more often!

2. Talk to other guys! Not to make him jealous, but to show that as a boy one can have fun with you.

3. Search Eye contact and smile at him every now and then.

4. Caution: DO NOT STARE - that could easily be misunderstood, because believe it or not, boys let themselves be too intimidate quickly.

Better be careful!

Do a little research on him beforehand. There are always rumors, but they usually come about for a reason. If you notice that there is something to it and he seems to be a blender, you should be careful!

How do i get it? Week 2 - the first date:

Don't be shy!

1. Don't send your friends over to speak to him, but rather prove to him that you can be confident. Take the first step because believe us: Guys are often just as scared of asking a girl out on a date.

2. The alpha and omega of date rules: Be open and do not pretend under any circumstances! You don't always have to go to the cinema for your first date, you can also do exciting things.

3. Be special to him! Prove him that you not always like your typical girl-girlthat only gossips, babbles and cackles. Rather, you can also have a lot of fun with you, laugh and hit the wall.

4. When it comes to choosing clothes, you don't have to pretend to be on the date. Dress simply stylish, but also comfortable and natural. Then you feel good in your own skin - and he notices that.

5. If you want to apply, make yourself seldom! Even if we are not a fan of games, it is still proven that most boys always need something for their “hunting instinct”. Therefore, do not always answer his message immediately, but take a little time with it. As bad as it sounds, that's exactly what makes you interesting to him at first.

6. Make him talk to him - casually, of course Compliment like"Wow, you play the guitar ?! That's cool!" and then ask a question such as: "Do you also have your own band?" After all, it's not just us girls who are happy about nice words.

That is not how it works!

On the first date he gets down to business far too quickly for your terms and wants more than you? Oh dear - let's get away with that guy!

How do i get it? Week 3 - now it's getting serious:

All or nothing!

1. Try to get closer to him physically. If you get along better, then just greet him next to the hug with a kiss on the cheek.

2. Keep touching in conversation "Casually" his arm or - if you sit next to each other - his thigh! That brings you closer quickly.

3. Prepare topics for conversation to use on the date no uncomfortable breaks arise! Taboo topics: diets and EX-FRIENDS!

4. Ask him out and don't just talk about you! All people find it exhausting when someone is only "I i i" says.

5. If you go to the cinema together, then choose a film that might interest him. Because hey, what could be better than taking protection from him during really extremely exciting scenes?

Loser Alert!

Of course, he shouldn't just be interested in himself. When he doesn't ask about your interests at all, just talk about yourself, then shoot him down!

How do i get it? Week 4 - stay tuned:

Hold on and be brave, because the goal is near ...

1. When you meet up with friends, then invite him too. So you can see if he gets along well with your BFFs.

2. Do a lot with him: do sports together, go to the swimming pool or the cinema together! The more you have in common, the better you get to know each other - and love ...

3. Don't be shy when it comes to the first kiss and you want it too! Once the signs are there that he wants to kiss you, let it go. However, if you find that he never gets into the pots, then take the reins in your own hands. After all, we are no longer living in the 15th century. Itself is the woman! And it also shows self-confidence.

Tatatataaa, you did it!

Now at the latest, your crush should ask you if you want to be with them. And if he doesn't, just turn the tables - and ask him! Most boys are so intimidated by us confident girls that they don't dare to take the first step. No problem. Always approach the guy! In the end, nobody asks who actually started it anyway.