How do cashback apps make money

Earning money with apps: all options at a glance

Earning money with apps: what should be considered?

First of all, you should be aware that you will not make huge profits with the apps immediately, but that you can only increase your pocket money a little. The apps that allow you to earn additional money are suitable for a nice leisure activity or just when you have nothing to do. Depending on the app and the task, you can earn up to 100 euros a day, while more complex tasks bring more money, of course. But no matter which app you want to test out, find out exactly how you can earn money by using it beforehand. Because among the serious providers there are also many black sheep who try to attract customers with promising promises. We are now introducing you to various areas and apps with which you can easily earn some money on your smartphone, both for Android and iOS.

1. Survey apps

One of the ways to earn money comfortably is to use so-called survey apps. This form of extra income is extremely popular. To do this, you register in the respective app, share some data about yourself and then receive surveys tailored to this. Here, too, of course, you should check the provider and only register with reputable companies or providers. Apps that are frequently used in this context are "Moborg", "LifePoints", the "Google Survey App", "Isay", "Market Agent" and "Swagbucks". Depending on the provider and survey, the amount of the payment can also fluctuate. You don't really earn much with one survey, which is why it might be worthwhile to carry out several in combination here. Because you normally get up to five euros per survey. This remuneration is then only paid out to you above a certain value via vouchers, rewards or as a credit to PayPal.

2. Micro job apps

You can make a lot more money with micro-job apps, but you also have to do more to do it. These apps are particularly suitable for people who like to be on the go anyway, because in principle you have to do certain tasks in your area for the app providers. This can be, for example, finding out the opening times of a particular restaurant, checking a product in the nearest supermarket or taking photos of a certain public place. Depending on the effort, your remuneration will then be calculated. You can earn several hundred euros a month with these apps. Apps that are used seriously and the most are, for example, "Streetbees", "Roamler", "AppJobber" and "Streetpotr".

3. Cashback apps

Another convenient way to earn or save money are cashback apps such as “iGraal”, “Scondoo” or “Reebate”. With these apps you can collect points when shopping for food, clothing or other goods online. You will get your money back in the form of vouchers or cashbacks. With this app you not only save, but also discover discounts and other promotions. So you can passively save money even though you are actually spending money.

4. Sharing apps

Sharing apps are apps like “Uber”, “Airbnb” or “Blablacar”. The point here is that you offer your services as a driver or rental company. Depending on the situation, this form of earning money can also be done passively. So if you go on vacation for two weeks, with the consent of your landlord, you can sublet your apartment or a room through Airbnb for this period and generate income. If you drive somewhere on business or visit someone further away, you can look for a passenger for this route via Blablacar. This is how most drivers get their fuel costs back.

5. Online flea market apps

A well-known and popular way of earning money and even clearing out the closet or basement are the flea market apps. You can do this very well with apps like "Momox", "Kleiderkreisel" or "eBay Classifieds". All you have to do here is upload a few photos of the goods, add descriptions and name a price. If an interested party then contacts you, you only need to send the goods to them and you have both more money and more space.

6. Lock screen apps

One of the most popular lock screen apps that you can use to make money from ads is Slidejoy. The app works in such a way that every time you unlock your smartphone, you get advertising tailored to your interests. A simple swipe to the right removes the advertisement and a swipe to the left gives you detailed information. Regardless of whether you click on it or not, every time an advertisement pops up, you will receive money in the form of vouchers or credit with PayPal. While this is a very easy way to make money, this application can quickly become very annoying. So be aware of whether this app is worth the money for you.

7. Cash Quiz

For all game enthusiasts, CashQuiz provides an optimal solution for making money easily. Because by taking part in quizzes in direct competition with other players, you can win money if you belong to the best players and provide the most correct answers. As a winner, you can win prize money of up to 100 euros and thus quickly top up your pocket money. Of course, having fun with quizzes and a good general education is an advantage here. It must be said that it often depends on the opponents and your luck whether you can really win something here.

8. Gold donkey

Finally, we want to introduce you to the “Goldesel” app, which does not really fit into the previous app areas. Goldesel is an app where you never know what your next task will be. Sometimes you just have to watch a video and write a review, sometimes you take part in a survey. You can choose the available tasks from a small preselection, but all of them can be done from the comfort of your home. For completed tasks and also for recruiting friends, you will then receive remuneration in the form of vouchers for Amazon or iTunes as well as PayPal credit.

Conclusion: earn money with apps

Depending on how much effort you want to spend on a small side income, one or the other apps are worthwhile. Some of these apps can even be integrated very well into everyday life. Whether on long train journeys, short lunch breaks or while waiting in line - there are opportunities and periods of time where you can take a quick look at one or the other app. If you are hardworking and do not expect enormous profits, you can earn a small fee by using these apps. With prior research regarding the effort and reliability of the provider, nothing stands in the way of the part-time job.