How long can salsa last without cooling

How long can I keep cooking wine?

The trick is you don't want it to oxidize (although red wine needs to "breathe" to reduce some of the tannins, which is why @DanielBingham said it could improve.) So if you just need to keep it store those Bottle upright for a few days (minimize the surface exposed to the air) and Not on the door of the refrigerator - it is bumped into and mixes air into it.

They also sell devices that inject nitrogen or other non-oxygenated gas into cylinders, or things to aspirate the air, etc. But if you're not a big wine drinker based on your previous comments, I wouldn't care. (Hell, I don't even know if they work).

Oh - wine in boxes lasts longer - because there is a bag in the box. When you pour wine, the bag deflates so air doesn't flow back (or not much of it). You can keep wine in boxes for a week or two, maybe even longer with no problem.

As with anything else, if you're not a big wine drinker and just cook with the wine, you should freeze it, freeze it, and transfer it to a zippered bag. Then, when you don't need much for a sauce, you can simply thaw it out from one or two cubes. It may not be as good as a "fresh" bottle of wine, but if you cook with it most people won't notice the difference, and it would still be better than a dedicated "cook" wine.


The idea of ​​freezing is interesting, I'll try that at some point. Many Thanks!