What is the index number

The EC index number is the identification code given in Annex I to Directive 67/548 / EEC for a specific hazardous substance.

The EC index number must be distinguished from the EC number.

The first three digits up to 82 indicate the ordinal number of the element determining the danger. For example, "007" (nitrogen)

007-008-00-3 hydrazine
007-010-00-4 sodium nitrite
007-011-00-X potassium nitrite

The next three digits are a consecutive number within the leading three digits; they are assigned in the random chronological order in which these hazardous substances were added to the list. As a result of changes in the meantime, this number sequence is incomplete. Another random example of sulfur:

016-023-00-4 dimethyl sulfate

The two following digits are used to distinguish “close relatives” from each other, who are otherwise the same in the first 6 digits. This rarely happens and mostly only affects the "01" in addition to the "00". Here is the example

017-002-00-2 hydrogen chloride (gas)
017-002-01-X hydrochloric acid

Finally, the last digit is a check digit (according to the modulo 11 method).

The inorganic hazardous substances end with the lead compounds:

082-002-00-1 lead alkyls

Because of the large number of organic compounds, the leading 006 is only assigned to inorganic hazardous substances with carbon; For hazardous substances from organic chemistry, the numbers from 601 to 617 are used and assigned to certain groups of substances, as can be seen from the following examples:

601-017-00-1 cyclohexane
602-011-00-1 dichloroethane
603-054-00-9 dibutyl ether
604-001-00-2 phenol
605-016-00-7 glyoxal
606-001-00-8 acetone
607-003-00-1 chloroacetic acid
608-003-00-4 acrylonitrile
609-015-00-2 4-nitrophenol
610-009-00-7 2-chloro-4-nitroaniline
611-008-00-4 4-aminoazobenzene
612-004-00-5 triethylamine
613-001-00-1 ethylene imine
614-005-00-6 colchicine
615-003-00-8 thiocyanic acid
616-001-00-X N, N-dimethylformamide
617-001-00-2 di-tert-butyl peroxide

Special cases are organized as follows:

647-010-00-7 trypsin
648- Intermediate products from petroleum distillation
649- Intermediate products from petroleum distillation
650-007-00-3 Chlordimeform (ISO)

Altogether one could say: 601 hydrocarbons 602 halogen hydrocarbons 603 alcohols and their derivatives 604 phenols and their derivatives 605 aldehydes and their derivatives 606 ketones and their derivatives 607 organic acids and their derivatives 608 nitriles 609 nitro compounds 610 chloronitro compounds. 611 Azoxy and azo compounds 612 Amino compounds 613 Heterocyclic bases and their derivatives 614 Glycosides and alkoloids 615 Cyanates and isocyanates 616 Amides and their derivatives 617 Organic peroxides 647 Enzymes 648 Complex substances derived from coal - 649 Complex substances derived from petroleum 650 Various substances.

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