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Dr. Tanja Upatel - Psychologist in Dubai

Psychological psychotherapist in Dubai

Dr. Tanja Upatel is a German psychological psychotherapist with over 15 years of practical experience in outpatient and inpatient settings. In addition to practical psychotherapeutic work (with a focus on depression, burnout, couples therapy, anxiety and eating disorders), Dr. Upatel works as a lecturer and recognized supervisor in the context of psychotherapist training. Her scientific research focus is on generalized anxiety disorder, which is characterized by excessive and uncontrollable worry.

Dr. Tanja Upatel was born in Düsseldorf and studied psychology at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster, where she also completed her doctorate in 2002. After completing her studies, she received a scholarship from the Christoph Dornier Foundation, which is known for its effective and intensive cognitive-behavioral treatment methods, especially in the area of ​​anxiety disorders. She completed a three-year training course as a psychological psychotherapist at the Institute for Psychological Psychotherapy Training in Münster (IPP) and treated patients with depression, anxiety and panic disorders, eating and obsessive-compulsive disorders as well as post-traumatic stress disorders. Shortly afterwards, Dr. Upatel took over the management of the Christoph-Dornier Foundation in Düsseldorf. She then took over the therapeutic management of two psychotherapy stations at the University Psychiatry in Essen. There she deepened her therapeutic knowledge through the additional treatment of patients with bipolar disorders, addiction problems, somatoform and hypochondriac disorders as well as various personality disorders with a focus on the treatment of borderline personality disorders.

From 2007, Dr. Upatel in Hong Kong, where she worked for the International Psychological Service (IPS) with patients from all over the world in English and German. During this time, the further specialization took place in the treatment of couple problems, burn-out as well as general life crises in which patients get who are torn out of their familiar environment and have to find their way in a new country with a new culture.

After returning to Germany, Dr. Upatel has her own psychological practice, in close cooperation with medical colleagues from the affiliated neurological and psychiatric practice. She has been living in Dubai with her family for a few months now.

For Dr. Tanja Upatel is based on a successful treatment in a detailed and careful diagnosis, in order to record exactly the individually relevant factors in the development and maintenance of the problem. The use of psychometric clinical tests and structured interviews in this phase of therapy is essential. The content-related focal points are precisely coordinated with the patient and then effective and evidence-based strategies are established with the patient within the therapy hours, but above all in the patient's everyday life, in order to be able to achieve lasting positive therapy results. The procedure is based on the latest scientific findings and is highly transparent at all times.

Miss Dr. Tanja Upatel has extensive methodological knowledge. Depending on the goals and wishes of the patient, cognitive-behavioral therapy methods (CBT) are used, but also elements from acceptance and commitment therapy according to Hayes (ACT), schema therapeutic approaches according to Young, methods from dialectical-behavioral therapy according to Linehan ( DBT) as well as relaxation and imaginative procedures.

Dr. Tanja Upatel offers therapies in German and English.