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"Settlement permit - relative" - ​​application

General information


The following information applies to setting a Initial application upon issuance of a "permanent residence permit - relatives". General information on the extension application for a residence permit can also be found at

The residence permit "Settlement Permit - Relatives" entitles relatives from third countries (countries that are not members of the EEA, with the exception of Switzerland) to Temporary establishment without access to the labor market.

Third-country nationals can apply for a "permanent residence permit - relatives" if the person who brings the family together,

  • Austrian who is not legally resident under Union law or an EEA citizen who is not an EEA resident under Union law, or as a Swiss citizen does not have the right of residence of more than three months due to the EU-Switzerland Free Movement Agreement has usedand
  • is permanently resident in Austria.

Relatives in this context are:

  • Relatives of the person bringing the family together or their spouse or registered partner in a straight ascending line (e.g. parents, parents-in-law and grandparents), provided they are actually supported by them
  • Life partners who can prove the existence of a permanent relationship in the country of origin and for whom maintenance is actually paid
  • Other relatives,
    • Who have already received maintenance in their country of origin from the person bringing the family together or
    • Who have already lived in the same household as the person reuniting the family in their country of origin or
    • For which serious health reasons make personal care by the person bringing the family together imperative.


If people bringing the family together can invoke their right of residence under Union law, certain third-country nationals have the option of applying for a "residence card" in Austria. If you have resided legally in Austria for five years without interruption, you acquire the right to apply for a "permanent residence card".

The "Settlement Permit - Relatives" is quota-free.


It must be general requirements for issuing residence permits as well as the special granting requirements (see section "Requirements"). In addition, there must also be a declaration of liability from the person bringing the family together.

In addition, third-country nationals must prove knowledge of the German language when submitting an initial application for a residence permit "Settlement Permit - Nationals".


The application is not tied to any deadlines.

Competent authority

For the application:

The respective Austrian representation authority (→ BMEIA) abroad (embassy or certain consulates)

The responsibility of the representation authority depends on the applicant's place of residence.

For the issuance of the residence permit:

The settlement authority that is locally responsible for the alien's intended place of residence:


The stranger must always be his / her Application for initial grant a "permanent residence permit - relative" personally and before entry according to Austria abroad in the Austrian representation authority (Embassy, ​​consulate).

The representation authority checks the completeness and correctness of the application and forwards it to the competent settlement authority in Austria. This checks whether the requirements for issuing the residence permit are met.

If the prerequisites are met and the settlement authority concludes the procedure positively, it informs the Austrian representation authority abroad and, if necessary, commissions them to issue a visa at the same time. The representative authority will inform the applicant about this.

The alien can enter Austria with a valid visa or, if there is no visa requirement, without a visa (without a visa) and collect the residence permit in person from the competent settlement authority.

You can obtain information about the duration of the individual procedure from the competent Austrian settlement authority. The duration of the procedure depends in particular on whether the documents are complete.

Required documents

  • Valid travel document (e.g. passport)
  • Birth certificate or an equivalent certificate
  • Photo that must not be older than six months (size: 45 x 35 mm)
  • Marriage certificate, partnership certificate, certificate of adoption, proof or certificate of family relationship
  • Proof of the legal entitlement to accommodation that is customary in the location, such as rental contracts, preliminary contracts under existing law or proof of ownership
  • Proof of health insurance coverage (compulsory insurance or a corresponding insurance policy) that covers all risks
  • Proof of secure livelihood (in particular wage slips, wage confirmations, service contracts, confirmations of pension, annuity or other insurance benefits, proof of sufficient investment capital or own assets).

Not Proof of social benefits to which an entitlement would only arise once the residence permit was issued are suitable, in particular social assistance benefits or the equalization allowance.

  • Proof of German language skills
  • Liability declaration of the person bringing the family together
  • If necessary, additionally:
    • Proof of the type and scope of the maintenance payment
    • Proof of the existence of a permanent relationship with the person bringing the family together in the country of origin and proof of the type and scope of the maintenance payment
    • Proof of the type and scope as well as the period of maintenance already paid
    • Proof of the domestic community in the country of origin
    • Evidence of serious health reasons and evidence of the imperative need for personal care by the person bringing the family together
    • In individual cases, the submission of further documents may be required


Whether certified translations from other countries are recognized depends on the respective procedural regulations. For example, an apostille may be required to recognize the documents.


If a foreign-language document has to be presented in the original together with a certified translation, the translation may generally only be carried out by sworn and court-certified interpreters. Interpreters from other EEA member states can also be entered in the list of sworn and court-certified interpreters in Austria.


  • Entry fee: 120 euros, 75 euros for children under 6 years
  • Grant fee: 20 euros, 50 euros for children under 6 years
  • Personalization costs (Photo and signature acceptance): 20 euros

Additional Information

Holders of a "settlement permit - relatives" can receive a "red-white-red card plus" if

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