Bane is the strongest Batman villain

Bane (DC Comics)



Terrorist and super villain

Prisoner in Peña Duro (formerly)

Skills / weapons

Venom feed:

- Extreme muscle building
- Superhuman strength
- Increased stamina
Combat training
Steeled mind


Kill Batman to prove his strength.

Overcome your addiction to venom.
Purge Santa Prica of drug cartels.

Kind of villain

Bane is a recurring supervillain from the DC Comics universe and from various adaptations. He first appeared in in 1992 Batman: Vengeance of Bane # 1 and is one of the main villains in Batman's villain gallery. In particular, he is known for having revealed Batman's identity and for him during the course of the Knightfall- Acting to have broken your back.


Bane was born in the infamous Peña Duro prison on Santa Prisca, where he spent his youth as he was condemned to serve the sentence of his apparently deceased father. His mother was also in prison but died when Bane was six years old. In prison, Bane read eagerly every book he could get his hands on, trained in the prison's training room and learned various types of fighting through the brutal everyday life in prison - so that he steeled both his body and his mind. In prison, Bane had a teddy bear, Osito, whom Bane considered his only true friend and in whose back he also hid a knife.

While Bane was growing up in prison, some inmates, Zombie, Trogg, and Bird, realized his strength and pledged their loyalty to him. Bane also became a generally feared prisoner in Peña Duro, and even the jailer realized that the prisoners feared Bane more than him. Therefore, he had Bane locked in solitary confinement for ten years, but Bane used the time to steel his spirit and his will and therefore became a legend among the inmates. Years later, when a team of scientists arrived at Peña Duro and developed the steroid Venom and tested it on inmates, Bane was selected as the guinea pig. He was the only one who survived this test and the Venom gave him superhuman strength and endurance. Bane now decided to escape from prison and together with Zombie, Bird and Trogg he was able to kill the warden and escape from Santa Prica.


New Earth

After hearing about Bird's homeland, Gotham City, from Bird and learning that there is supposed to be a legend of a protector of the city - Batman - Bane decides to go there and kill Batman to prove that he is the strongest and the best. So Bane and his group make their way to Gotham City, where he tests his strength by finding, fighting and defeating Killer Croc. Then he wants to measure Batman's strength and therefore converts the Riddler with Venom into a reinforced version of himself, so that the Riddler faces Batman not only as a mental, but also as a psychological challenge. Bane also destroys the walls of Arkham Asylum, allowing the villains imprisoned there to break out and wreak havoc in the city again. It takes Batman three months to recapture them.

Bane is now slowly becoming notorious in Gotham, so that the other villains also notice him. Bane even manages to catch Robin, who is saved when the killer Croc attacks Bane to get revenge for his last defeat. In doing so, Croc can damage Bane's Venom Pump, while Bane can break Croc's arm. But both survive the fight. When Bane sees Bruce Wayne in Gotham City, he instantly recognizes him as Batman. He therefore takes advantage of Batman's fatigue and exhaustion after catching the villains freed from Bane and breaks into Wayne Manor, where he knocks out Wayne's butler Alfred, attacks Batman in the Batcave and can even defeat him. He then picks up the overwhelmed Batman and lets him crash down to his knee, breaking Batman's spine. He brings the motionless Batman to downtown Gotham, where he leaves him in the middle of the street.

After Batman is knocked out, Bane begins knocking out the gang bosses and crime lords in Gotham and recruiting their henchmen. At the same time, he learns of rumors of a new Batman and sends henchmen to verify these rumors. Through these henchmen, however, the new Batman succeeds in finding Bane's hiding place and engaging him in a fight. Bane is forced to flee and goes in search of more Venom to defeat the new Batman. In another confrontation with the new Batman, who wears a combat suit, he can cut the tubes through which the Venom is pumped into Bane's body, so that Bane, who is dependent on the Venom and is now addicted, quickly becomes weaker. So it is possible for the new Batman to beat up Bane until he no longer has any strength. Thereupon Bane is received by the police and locked in Blackgate Prison.

Months later, the real Batman returns. Meanwhile, Bane uses his imprisonment to overcome his addiction to Venom and eventually breaks out of Blackgate. He even works with Batman to break a crime ring that brings a Venom twist to the streets. After her victory, Bane acquits himself of his past crimes and orders Batman to stop chasing him. He leaves Gotham without a fight and returns to Santa Prisca for a short time. Through Talia al Ghul he comes into contact with Ra's al Ghul, who is so impressed by Bane that he eventually even makes him his heir. When Ra's and Bane later attack Gotham together, Bane is defeated by Batman in a duel.

Bane returns to Gotham City several times. Meetings with Batman do not always result in a fight, as the two occasionally even work together out of respect to achieve common goals. After a joint fight against King Snake, in which Bane saves Batman's life and is mortally wounded, Batman reciprocates by healing Bane in a Lazarus pit. Bane later returns to Santa Prica to crush the influence of the drug cartels that created new strands of Venom and distributed the drug on the streets. This succeeds and Bane becomes a national hero. However, he loses his status as a hero when, following an election manipulated by Amanda Waller, he imposes martial law in Santa Prisca and plunges the country into civil war. After a brief membership in the Suicide Squad, Bane joins the Secret Six and works to overcome his returned Venom addiction and rely on tactics and combat techniques instead of raw strength.

Prime Earth

On the Prime Earth continuum, Bane's past has remained relatively the same. After his first loss to Batman, however, he is contacted by the Council of Owls, which forbids Bane's plans for revenge, as he has plans of his own. By torturing the ambassadors to death, Bane, who refuses to be told by the council, makes the council of owls an enemy - among other things, because he thought they were sent by Batman. Bane finally decides to wipe out the Council of Owls and then Batman, but he fails.

After the Crime Syndicate takes over the earth, the villains of Gotham divide the city among themselves. Bane recruits the prisoners from Blackgate to conquer the city with them. They face Scarecrow and the Arkham inmates. Bane can win this conflict, but after his victory is drawn into a long and tough battle by Batman, in which he is ultimately defeated.

Other appearances


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Bane is a villain from the ArkhamverseVideo game series. He's a villain and out boss opponent Arkham Asylum, a villain out Arkham City, the secondary antagonist Arkham Origins and a mentioned character Arkham Knight.

Bane is an intelligent and brutal mercenary leader and a super villain from Gotham City. He is an enemy of Batman and originally one of the eight assassins who are called by Joker to Gotham City to kill Batman there. He works closely with Joker on this plan and can even find out Batman's identity and attack Wayne Manor. Bane loses this knowledge after an extreme overdose of his steroid Venom.

Bane is later joined by Dr. Young at Arkham Asylum to create a new, far more dangerous drug called TITAN from his Venom. Bane is completely separated from his Venom and "dried out". Only when Joker takes over the asylum in an attack on Arkham Asylum, he lets Bane bring Venom back to let him face Batman. After his defeat and the opening of Arkham City, Bane tries to grab the TITAN vials stored there, but Batman prevents this.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

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Bane is a minor villain from the DC cartoon series Batman: The Brave and the Bold. He appears there as a minor villain in the seventeenth episode of the first season.

The Dark Knight Rises

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Bane is one of the main villains on the 2012 action film The Dark Knight Rises. He was portrayed by Tom Hardy.

Bane is an inmate from a legendary and notorious prison who acts as the protector and closest confidante of Talia al Ghul, who was born in that prison. After the death of Talia's father, Ra's al Ghul, she decides to grant his final wish and destroy Gotham City.

Therefore, Bane is sent out as a vanguard to isolate the city economically and geographically and to sow anarchy. He succeeds in doing this with the help of a group of mercenaries - later revealed as members of the League of Shadows - and after anarchy reigns in Gotham, Bane wants to detonate an atomic bomb there after a while and destroy the city to which he initially left a certain hope . When he clashes with Batman, Bane can defeat him in a brutal fight and break his spine, but Batman can fight his way up again, return to Gotham and fight and defeat Bane there together with Selina Kyle.


Bane is, along with Talia al Ghul, the main villain of the fifth and final season of the series Gotham.

In the series, Bane first appears under the name Eduardo Dorrance. He is an old war companion of Jim Gordon and is sent to Gotham with a special unit after the city was turned into a no man's land by the deeds of Jeremiah Valeska. Eduardo initially shows himself to be an ally towards James Gordon, but it then turns out that he has come to Gotham with far more sinister plans than he has given. A fight ensues between Eduardo and Gordon in which Gordon can almost kill Eduardo and leaves him to die.

However, Eduardo is a henchman of Talia al Ghul, who was also the one who brought him to Gotham. Talia finds the fatally wounded Eduardo and has Professor Strange rescue him. Eduardo is disfigured, but Strange's experimental treatment can save him and also give him superhuman strength. After this rebirth, Eduardo takes on the name Bane and continues to do everything in his power to achieve Talia's goals. He is sent to kill Barbara Kean, who escapes, and is embroiled in a fight with Alfred Pennyworth, in which he brutally beats Alfred up and seriously injured.

Young Justice

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Bane is a recurring villain from the DC cartoon series Young Justice. He appears for the first time in the fourth episode, Jump zone, and returns in later episodes.

Bane is the leader of a mercenary group on Santa Prisca that produces the neosteroid Venom there. When the cobra sect conquered Santa Prisca to take over Bane's complex there, Bane defended himself with his troops but was defeated and had to retreat into the jungle. Therefore, Bane allies himself with a team of young heroes of the League of the Just to drive the sect from his island, but is then defeated in an attempt to betray the heroes. Bane later joins the light and allows them to use Santa Prisca as a base of operations.

Justice League: Doom

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Bane appeared as the villain in the 2012 DC animated filmJustice League: Doom. In the original it was spoken there by Carlos Alazraqui. As in the comics, Bane is a super villain and arch enemy of Batman, who allies himself with various other villains to form the Legion of Doom in order to defeat all heroes of the Justice League and in a devastating plan to kill a large part of humanity to rule the rest. In the course of the Legion of Doom's plans, he is set to defeat his old enemy Batman and kill what he does by playing Batman's past against him and hitting a sore spot with the heist of the coffins of Thomas and Martha Wayne.



  • Bane is in New Earth-Continuum the son of Edmund Dorrance, also known as the super villain King Snake.
  • Bane is the only character besides the Joker who has defeated Ra's al Ghul in the game of chess.
  • Bane was created by Dennis O'Neil, Chuck Dixon, and Graham Nolan.