Is Gazania poisonous to dogs

  Midday gold; Midday gold flower; Sun coins
  Treasure flower

Family / taxonomy


Plant type / habitat


Toxicology / Toxicity

Non-toxic plant (not a poisonous plant)


Garden ornamental plant; Home: South Africa.


15-30 cm high, annual, herbaceous plant, some with milky sap.
Leaves:green, simple, spatulate, leaf margin: serrated, underside: felty gray-green; alternate.
Blossoms:white to cream-colored and orange to red and maroon-ray and yellow tubular flowers in a cup, ray-florets: with 5 corolla lobes, spread out radially; only open when the sun is shining.
Flowering time:June-September

Likelihood of confusion


Poisonous plant parts

So far, no cases of poisoning in animals have been described in the literature. Not suitable as food!