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Guitar Hero 2

Description of the game:
Who has not dreamed of standing on a big stage as a rock'n roll star and making the masses romp like the Rolling Stones. With "Guitar Hero 2" this dream comes true at least on the Playstation 2 at home.
"Guitar Hero 2" offers 40 well-known pieces and rock classics to choose from. In addition, successfully completed pieces can unlock 20 bonus tracks. The player can use earned fees to unlock new guitars, outfits and game characters.
A guitar-shaped controller is required to play. However, the game is also available separately for owners of the predecessor, i.e. without a controller. It is the player's task to both grasp different notes on a treadmill at the right moment on the controller and to strike them with the other hand. Wrong timing or a wrongly pressed button amount to a wrongly played note and worsen the mood of the audience, shown by a kind of measuring device. If there are too many bad notes in a row, the player has to start the song from the beginning. A particularly long series of good notes rewards the game with multipliers, which credit a particularly large number of points to the player's account.
In every song there are certain points where the player can gain so-called "star power" through perfectly played sequences. The player can use these to score a particularly large number of points or to master particularly difficult areas. This works because the audience is particularly sympathetic to the player during the star power and the measuring device therefore moves more quickly to the upper area.

Pedagogical assessment:
Most of the young people were familiar with the "Guitar Hero" series, but none of the testers had previously held one of the bizarre-looking guitar controllers in their hands. The enthusiasm was felt right from the start and the young people started the test with a lot of enthusiasm. A cluster of players quickly formed around the console, making it clear that there was something special to see there.
The concept of an independent controller was consistently praised by the young people. "It almost feels like a real guitar" and "They really made an effort" praised the youngsters. Four levels of difficulty can be selected, making it easy for beginners to quickly achieve success and complete songs. Courageous testers quickly switched to the medium level of difficulty, but then had to experience that more practice is required in this to master particularly tricky areas. If the main part of the song can still be mastered at this level of difficulty, the solos in particular become so difficult that they can only be mastered with a lot of practice. From the difficulty level "difficult" there is a fifth finger key. The "expert mode" demands a lot even from the experienced player due to the faster and more complex grip patterns. These grip combinations can only be played by heart. With this sensible dosage of the degree of complexity, "Guitar Hero 2" offers beginners a quick sense of achievement without taking away the long-term motivation of the experienced player. Even after a few weeks the stimulus was unbroken.
The background of the monitor image shows the band and the avatar of the player performing on various virtual stages. From the small church at the beginning of the career to the sold-out festival in front of thousands of people, the game offers very detailed locations, where you can tell the musical career of some of the developers due to the many small details. The testers stated that as an active player they did not pay attention to the background because they were too busy chasing the treadmill. For the audience, however, the animated band appearances represent an additional attraction.
The multiplayer mode is particularly fun, but two of the guitar controllers are required for this. The players can play songs together, with the second player either taking over the bass guitar or a rhythm guitar. Alternatively, you can play against each other in a guitar duel. Each player can choose a different level of difficulty with which even experienced players can play against beginners. "It's twice as much fun together, you feel a bit like in a band" (Player 13).
The young people did not know many of the songs because of their age. However, this did not detract from the enthusiasm and so attempts were made to outbid the other players in both classics and current rock songs. "The songs just fit perfectly with the gameplay" (Player, 14)
Many young people, but also adults, dream of being a pop or rock star one day. This also shows the continued enthusiasm for casting shows or the increasingly popular public talent competitions. "Guitar Hero 2" draws a large part of its power of fascination from these wishes and dreams. Not only what was happening on the screen was important, but also a cool attitude in front of the television and a little show for the audience. They thanked the performers with encouraging and praising comments. Almost perfect performances with virtual hymns of praise repeatedly led to loud applause. So basically two audiences have to be impressed in this game: the virtual one and the real one. Both give the player feedback and in this way reinforce or criticize him for the performance. Alone in front of the television the guitar simulation loses a lot of its appeal, but here, too, it behaves almost like a real instrument: Without practice, it is difficult to shine in front of an audience.
The testers quickly came up with the idea of ​​looking for videos of top performances by other players on current video portals. The astonishment about the performance was enormous. There were many players who had completed the hardest song on the most difficult level and posted a video about it on the net. "They have to have practiced forever to get it that way," the players were speechless.
"Guitar Hero 2" comes astonishingly close to the feeling of playing a guitar, especially in the higher levels of difficulty. Real guitar techniques like "hammer-ons" or "pull-offs" have been integrated very well into the game by the developers. The complexity of the fingering figures and the required touch speed also support the feeling of really making music. There is a very good chance that "Guitar Hero" might make young people want to learn to play the guitar. One downer, however, would remain in this case: Those who are good at "Guitar Hero" unfortunately have to start from scratch when learning to play the guitar. Before buying an electric guitar and amplifier, it is a good idea to let the youngsters take a few inexpensive trial lessons that every music school offers. Because "Guitar Hero 2" is still a long way from the real complexity of a musical instrument.

Guitar Hero offers an innovative gaming experience. The successful guitar controller in particular creates a unique playing feel that is particularly inspiring in the group.


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