Who is the best TV lawyer

The 20 best serial lawyers and lawyer series

The best legal representatives in the series landscape - with trailer, short content and IMDb rating.

NOT WITHOUT MY LAWYER! These are the best legal representatives in the series landscape - we have sorted them in ascending order according to whom we would prefer to have with us to defend ourselves in court in the event of a case.


20) Harmon Rabb Jr. from J.A.G. - On behalf of honor (1995-2005)

Played by: David James Elliott

IMDb assessment: 6,6

The handsome military lawyer inspires respect just because of his smart uniform - and which jury wants to mess with this gentleman?

Trailer for J.A.G. - On behalf of honor

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19) Jason Bull from Bull (since 2016)

Played by: Michael Weatherly

IMDb assessment: 6,9

Since the figure of Dr. Jason Bull is loosely based on the life of the well-known US television psychologist Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil), one can assume that Bull will use every psychological trick in the book to get us acquitted.

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18) Anthony J. Petrocelli from Petrocelli (1974–1976)

Played by: Barry Newman

IMDb assessment: 7,4

Sympathetically different: The Harvard lawyer wears neither a tie nor a briefcase, doesn't live in a penthouse, doesn't drive a BMW: No, lawyer Petrocelli wears a denim shirt, lives in a caravan on the edge of the desert and drives an old pick-up truck. Money is not important to a man - he cares about his clients. Direct hit!

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17) Ben Matlock from Matlock (1986-1995)

Played by: Andy Griffith

IMDb assessment: 7,1

The complete opposite of Petrocelli: Ben Matlock is a very expensive lawyer who asks $ 100,000 before even taking a case. As its success rate proves, it is worth every penny ...

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16) Michael Kuzak from L.A. Law (1986-1995)

Played by: Harry Hamlin

IMDb assessment: 7,0

It was not easy for us to choose the right lawyer from the firm of McKenzie, Brackman, Cheney, Kuzak and Becker - but in the end Michael Kuzak won, he is simply a winning feschak, and in court: the eye decides With!

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15) Hayes Morrison from Conviction (2016-2017)

Played by: Hayley Atwell

IMDb assessment: She is a brilliant lawyer, a former "first daughter" and does not have to volunteer to handle cases where people have been wrongly convicted. The dashing Hayes does it with a lot of flavor and shows the gentlemen in the courtroom extremely convincingly what’s going on!

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14) Bobby Donnell from The Practice (1997-2004)

Played by: Dylan McDermott

IMDb assessment: 7,7

The head of a Boston law firm is THE lawyer par excellence - handsome, perfectly dressed, crystal clear mind. His premise: Better that ten guilty people are released than one innocent person suffers. This Robin Hood in a boss suit is welcome to defend us.

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13) Nick Fallin from The Guardian (2001-2004)

Played by: Simon Baker

IMDb assessment: 7,4

Someone who has gotten on the wrong track can understand very well how a defendant feels in court ... And besides, he looks very much like the mentalist, that can only help, right?

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12) John Cage from Ally McBeal (1997-2002)

Played by: Peter MacNicol

IMDb assessment: 6,8

The ingenious gummy bear John Cage - his preparation rituals for a trial are simply unbeatable ... Or who still has a thinker's cave behind the toilet wall, stutters “Poughkeepsie” to end the stuttering and keeps a frog named Steffan?

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11) Robert Liebling from Liebling Kreuzberg (1986–1998)

Played by: Manfred Krug

IMDb assessment: 7,3

But. There is also a German representative of the legal profession in our list - namely the Berlin lawyer Robert Liebling aka Manfred Krug. THAT used to be an anti-lawyer par excellence - a serious blower, free (Berliner) snout, with a crinkle hat and jelly (optionally green or red) in the refrigerator and always lovable, sloppy and ingenious. Unfortunately, one looks in vain for someone like that on German TV today ...

Trailer for Liebling Kreuzberg

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10) Eli Stone from Eli Stone (2008-2009)

Played by: Johnny Lee Miller

IMDb assessment: 7,7

If you like things a little psychic, Eli is the right place for you: Because his hallucinations (as one learns from a tumor) lead him to accept cases that do not necessarily promise a lot of money, but are morally high. A weird guy with his heart in the right place.

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9) Perry Mason from Perry Mason (1957-1966)

Played by: Raymond Burr

IMDb assessment: 8,2

Let's be honest: every star lawyer is only as good as his assistants. In this case Secretary Della Street and Detective Paul Drake should be mentioned - and they still had a lot to do in the analogue age before they could research solid evidence for Mr. Mason. Hats off!

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8) Billy McBride from Goliath (since 2016)

Played by: Billy Bob Thornton

IMDb assessment: 8,2

Once he was a top attorney, then came the alcohol crash. But then he takes on a case that awakens his ambition, and then he has to step into the ring against the most powerful client (who wants to compete against William Hurt?) Of his former law firm. And that goes over corpses ... You have to give Billy respect for this courage alone.

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7) Alan Shore from Boston Legal (2004-2008)

Played by: James Spader

IMDb assessment: 8,4

Apart from his brilliant rhetoric and his unusual pleadings in court, it is also a testament to a particularly loyal character when you give your politically completely incorrect, somewhat senile mentor and colleague Denny Crane (William Shatner) despite everything (and that is really a lot!) stands firmly by your side. As a client, you can be sure: Alan Shore won't let you down. (And besides, it's James Spader.)

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6) Diane Lockhart from The Good Fight (since 2017)

Played by: Christine Baranski

IMDb assessment: 8,4

What has she not already been through, tough Diane - and yet she stands there like one when it comes to getting the best out of her clients and protecting her employees. Come what may, Diane will safe the day! (Definitely a good wife).

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5) Annalize Keating from How To Get Away With Murder (since 2014)

Played by: Viola Davis

IMDb assessment: 8,2

Even if she has private problems, one foot is always half in the criminal and one or the other bottle of gin has to believe in it - in the courtroom she is always tippitoppi together, externally and of course internally. The razor-sharp mind and the good work of Bonnie and Co ensure that in the end everything somehow ends well. So to say.

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4) Saul Goodmann from Better Call Saul (since 2015)

Played by: Bob Odenkirk

IMDb assessment: 8,7

Jimmy McGill is a chameleon - it couldn't be more complex! You can't even list everything - the important thing is: "Saul" can adapt quickly to any situation, which is of course an immense advantage in court!

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3) Alicia Florrick from The Good Wife (2009-2016)

Played by: Julianna Margulies

IMDb assessment: 8,3

The title says it all - even if the husband shamelessly cheats on you and then demands of you to put on a good face for the bad game. Alicia can do this without losing face, and she also pushes the children, the mother-in-law, the lover and the stressful job in the law firm. Multitasking at its best.

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2) Patty Hewes from Damages (2007–2012)

Played by: Glenn Close

IMDb assessment: 8,1

OK. If the situation seems totally hopeless, then the best thing to do is get Patty Hewes. It is tough, uncompromising, ice cold and without frills: When it hits the table, even Justitia starts to tremble. Bam!

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1) Harvey Specter from Suits (since 2011)

Played by: Gabriel Macht

IMDb assessment: 8,6

Because: It's best if the case doesn't even come to court, right? And the smart suit wearer Harvey Specter is simply best suited for this! If colleague Mike is still acting as a "wingman" and the unbelievable Donna pulls a few strings, the case can be solved without a judge guaranteed!

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