Which book did you give up?

Translation of "Do you still have" in spanish

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Todavía tienes
Do you still have your Caracara contacts?
Do you still have Time to speak to me
Do you still have not given up?
¿Aún no te diste por vencida?
Do you still have Feelings for the girl?
¿Aún sientes algo por esa chica? Si.
Do you still have your cufflinks
¿Todavía guardas esos gemelos que tenías ...
Do you still have Feelings for him?
Do you still have don't understand why you don't kill people?
¿Todavía no has entendido por qué no se puede matar a la gente?
Do you still have Fear in the dark?
¿Aún temes a la oscuridad?
Do you still have Having trouble falling asleep, honey?
Do you still have your softball equipment in your trunk?
¿Todavía guardas el equipo de béisbol en el maletero de su coche?
Do you still have Would you like to read my book?
¿Aún quieres empty mi novela?
Do you still have the guitar case I gave you
Do you still have before we leave London?
¿Aún vamos a salir de Londres?
Do you still have Doubt that this has something to do with him?
¿Aún tienes alguna duda de que esto tiene que ver con él?
Through Walter's research, do you still have good chances.
Especialmente con la investigación de Walter, aún tienes una buena posibilidad.
At least do you still have a job.
Do you still have that stupid cat?
Do you still have your illegal hair salon?
¿Sigues teniendo la peluquería ilegal?
Do you still have not enough?
¿No has tenido suficiente castigo por un sólo día?
Do you still have your treasure chest?
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