What are the best art courses online

Online painting courses: learn to paint and draw from home

If you want to learn to paint or draw, you have probably already looked around for a suitable course in your region. But have you already thought about taking an online painting course?

Online painting courses offer you the opportunityfrom the comfort of your home learn to paint or draw. You are not tied to certain times and can thus flexibly incorporate your hobby into your everyday life - exactly as it suits you best.

While you have to plan fixed times for a painting course on site and also adjust your learning pace to the group, you are completely free to learn to paint online: You decide how regularly, at what frequency and at what pace you devote yourself to painting or drawing want.

And while the on-site course ends after a certain time, your happy painting stays with you! Always receive online painting course: This way you can always access it at a later point in time and simply work through certain lessons and courses again.

The range of painting and drawing courses on offer at your place of residence is not always diverse: online painting courses, on the other hand, offer you onelarge and diverse selection, regardless of whether you are starting your creative hobby or want to deepen your previous knowledge and experience. In this way, you can always learn exactly what appeals to you most according to your mood.

You also don't run the risk of a course not being held due to a lack of participants. You can start an online course at any time!

By the way, online painting courses are by no means a lonely affair: Sit down at home with a few friends and paint together after the videos! This will turn your course on the web into a sociable and happy creative group.

Painting on vacation: online courses make it possible

Are you on vacation and finally have time to paint? Perfect! Online painting courses can befrom anywhere in the world - and so you can always get new inspiration for watercolor, acrylic, for art journaling or for certain motifs and painting topics, even when traveling and on the go.

Often just a few materials are enough to get creative on the go. For watercolor painting, for example, we recommend a small pad, a water tank brush (then you save the water cup), and a pocket box with watercolor paints. The fun can begin! Wherever you have an internet connection, you can access your online painting course and paint directly according to instructions - whether in South America, Australia or on the beach in Thailand.

Many online courses also offer the option of downloading your lessons so that you can access them offline from anywhere. Take your tablet or smartphone with you on vacation and play the video on the go. It's so quick and easy to immerse yourself in the world of painting!

Happy painting! Online painting courses: how does it work exactly?

Our happy painting! Online painting courses make it as easy as possible for you to get started with painting and online learning: You buy the course of your choice - and it is available to you in our course area, which is immediately activated for you. You can access your course content and get started right after purchasing it.

There are also courses, such as the Happy Art Journaling course, which we start together at a fixed time and where we will gradually activate the individual lessons for you. This gives you orientation and support - and you are still free to decide when to implement and edit which module. You can always get all the information directly on the course registration pages - and of course we are at your side by email at any time during your online painting course!

All online painting courses are with us temporary unlimitedavailable - so you can always access your courses whenever you want! If you buy several online painting courses, you will find them all collected in your course area: So you always have one for all of your courses easy and quick accessand don't have to look far.

Our painting courses are open to everyone - no matter what previous knowledge you have! You will be guided through the individual tutorials step by step and you can easily follow all the steps. Since all courses consist of video units, it is particularly easy for you to learn: After all, it is always easier to see something directly and to have it explained than just reading something or laboriously obtaining information on the Internet.

We would be happy if you were a part of Happy Painting! Community and have many colorful, happy experiences in painting and drawing with us.

By the way: For regular inspiration, we cordially invite you to the Happy painting! VIP club a! Here you not only receive new suggestions and ideas on an ongoing basis, but also become part of our great Happy Painting! Community, which mutually promotes, supports and motivates each other very wonderfully! Many friendships have already developed here - and we would be delighted if you, too, would enrich our creative family!