What are the signs of doom

We already introduced you to ‘Mark of the Storm’, the first of a new type of skill that you can discover in Path of Exile: Betrayal. Today we're introducing you to another skill of this type: Signs of Doom. In today's post, we'll also explain other sign-related mechanics and how they fit into the rest of the game.

The sign of doom attaches itself to a nearby enemy as soon as you place it, and summons fiery meteors that fall from the sky and damage enemies in an area. The skill uses a strong inflammatory effect. As soon as a drawn opponent dies, the symbol goes into an inactive state and then attaches itself to other opponents as soon as they are within range (as is also the case with ‘Sign of the storm’).

The activation time is slightly longer for the ‘Sign of Doom’ than for the ‘Sign of the Storm’, but this time can be accelerated by the new sign passives in the skill tree as well as by modifiers of the casting time. On the other hand, the placement time for the ‘Sign of Doom’ is much faster, so you can place several symbols in quick succession.

In addition to these two new drawing skills, we are also bringing out the rufen Recall Marks ’skill. This instantly cast skill recalls all of your placed characters to your location, extends their duration and activates their effects. This means that you don't have to re-cast your already-placed characters as you move around, and the overall damage done is increased as the activation is quick. When you recall your signs, they will have an increased range so they can attach themselves to more distant enemies.

In contrast to other skill gems, ‘Recall Signs’ only has 6 levels, but each of these levels significantly accelerates the cooldown time. Modifiers that increase the gem level are particularly useful, allowing you to recall your characters much more often.

In line with our new drawing skills, we're making a number of changes in the skill tree, including a new key skill, a new significant skill for the hierophant and some new passives related to the Templar and the witch. These new passives contain a variety of different effects that affect character damage, activation speed and range, and which also increase the maximum number of characters you can place at the same time.