How is your ex-wife doing now

Breakup Guide Part 2: Tips for People Who Have Been Left

Typical tip # 1: hatred is a solution

People who hurt us are bad. So whoever sends you to the devil doesn't deserve to be fondly remembered. All the beautiful things that you had together are no longer relevant. Not the tender little spoonful nights, not the animal moaning before, not even the heart melt at the first "I love you". You are only cutting yourself into your own flesh if you do not immediately banish all of this from your consciousness. Better think of his stoned buddies and what a sluggish sack he was. Really, you can be glad that you got rid of him!

Why this is bullshit:

Yes, he made a decision that you are unhappy with. But does that undo your highs? Is that why your affection suddenly stops? If, contrary to expectations, your answer here is “yes”, then you don't need to read any further. Because then you can actually be happy that it's over - it really wasn't that great.

It is by no means a contradiction in terms to be hurt or angry, and still be cared for by the other. To see him as an individual whose needs may differ from yours. You don't have to hate him now. In fact, that would be very unnatural. After all, you didn't choose him as your partner for nothing and would have liked to keep him as that. Because he's a fabulous person through and through. And the separation doesn't change that.