What is a pre-lotion

Lait pour démaquillage Lotion tonique sans alcool Lotion de nettoyage Lingettes démaquillantes Démaquillant pour les yeux crème de nettoyage


1 Cleansing Lait pour démaquillage Art Cleansing Milk Gently frees the skin from daytime dirt and removes make-up and cream residues with ease. Lingettes démaquillantes Art Mild Cleansing Wipes These mild cleansing wipes gently and thoroughly remove make-up from the face and around the eyes. These cleaning wipes are alcohol-free and suitable for all skin types. Crème de nettoyage Art washing cream An alternative to cleansing milk, but particularly suitable for young, blemished skin. Thanks to the specially combined ingredients, this washing cream cleans better than soap and reduces the penetration of impurities into the pores. Lotion de nettoyage 3 4 Kind of washing lotion This lotion is primarily intended for young and oily skin. It is a soap-free, foaming washing lotion with a neutral to slightly acidic pH value. It prevents the formation of unpleasant and painful pimples and pustules. Lotion tonique sans alcool Art Facial tonic without alcohol An invigorating skin tonic that gently stimulates your skin's metabolic functions and brings out a healthy, fresh complexion. Since it is alcohol-free, it is ideal for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Démaquillant pour les yeux Art Eye Makeup Remover Lotion An extra mild cleansing lotion for the eyes. Gently and thoroughly removes eye make-up. An alternative to Art Disques démaquillants pour les yeux Art eye make-up removal pads The modern and gentle way of removing eye make-up. The extra-soft cotton pads soaked in oil gently and gently remove waterproof mascara and make-up without irritating the sensitive eye area. 3

2 masks Masque végétal Art herbal mask Cleanses skin impurities deep into the pores and gives the complexion back its youthful elasticity and freshness. Masque aux germes de blé Art Wheat germ mask Nourishing and vitamin-rich facial care mask in cream form. The natural wheat germ oil extracts revitalize the skin by giving it a velvety, fresh and relaxed appearance. Masque clarifiant Art deep peeling mask This unique peeling mask gently and gently removes all loose skin and dirt particles from normal and oily facial skin. It cares in an ideal way by giving it back vitality and elasticity. Masque à l argile verte Art mask with mineral earth and aloe vera This unique cleansing mask contains mineral earth and aloe vera. It is suitable for normal and oily skin. After the treatment, the skin is refreshed and the complexion is radiant again. Masque soin vital Art effect mask Thanks to the specially combined plant extracts, this multi-active mask has a revitalizing effect and the wrinkles are less visible. Vitamin C and algae extracts stimulate collagen formation, smooth the skin and neutralize free radicals. 4th

3 fruit emulsions Lait de papaya Art Papaya Milk Contains natural, refreshing fruit extracts. It is particularly suitable for combination skin. Lait de mandarine Art Mandarin Milk A product from our range, which has precious fruit oils and moisturizing substances. Thanks to its balanced composition, it is ideal for all skin types. Lait d aloé 4 Kind of Aloe Active Milk It prevents impurities, soothes inflamed skin and normalizes excessively oily skin. Recommended as day care and make-up base for oily skin. Lait d avocado Art Avocado Active Milk An active milk with the extracts and active ingredients of the high protein and neutral tasting fruit. This milk is highly effective and indispensable for the specific daily care of rough and sensitive skin. Lait de calendula 2 type of calendula active milk This care milk, based on pure herbs, invigorates, refreshes and has a particularly restorative effect on damaged, overstrained and dehydrated skin. Lait de banane 2 type of banana milk A mild, moisture-retaining skin care milk with a pleasant and skin-stimulating banana aroma. This milk is particularly suitable as a day care product for dry skin types and is ideal as a make-up base. 5

4 Crèmes Crème de jour multi-active Art. No Day cream with Q10 The two highly effective cosmetic raw materials Q10 and vitamin E protect the skin from daily environmental influences and support the activity of the natural cell function against stress and premature skin aging. An additional UV filter regulates the influence of sunlight on the function of the skin cells. Crème de jour hydroactive Art. No Day Cream A moisture-retaining day cream with the active ingredient allantoin. It gives the skin a radiant freshness and, thanks to its special care effect, also reduces impurities. Crème de jour sensitive Art. No day cream This day cream was specially developed for younger, sensitive skin and contains the important vitamins A, D, E and valuable avocado and jojoba oils. It has also been provided with a UV-A filter that protects your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays. The sensitive cream can also be used as a make-up base. Crème vitalizing Art. No day cream This day cream cares for and protects the skin and supplies it with the necessary nutrients. This cream is rich in vitamins A, E, B5 and contains, among other things, hyaluronic acid and ceramides. In combination with UV filters, the skin is protected against dehydration and premature aging. Crème aux liposomes Art. No Natural herbal liposome cream This cream is the result of extensive knowledge in cosmetic research. It is absorbed extremely quickly, and the active plant ingredients unfold their effect directly. It stimulates the blood circulation and thus works extremely reliably against the natural aging process of the skin. Crème vivifiante Art. No night cream This cream is enriched with high-quality grain germ oil in high concentration. It is rich in fat and therefore ideally suited for the care of dry and mature skin types. 6th

5 Crème de nuit basic Art. No Night Cream A rich, easily absorbable night cream, especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It gives your skin the moisture it needs and makes it soft and elastic. Your skin is prepared to fight against daily negative influences such as air pollution, dust and UV rays. Crème de nuit multi-active Art. No Night cream with Q10 The rich night care with Q10 and vitamins A and E; Jojoba oil and shea butter support the cell function, which regenerates during the night. This gives the skin enough energy and activity for the new day. Crème aux acides de fruits Art. No Cream with fruit acids This cream contains alpha hydroxy acids, which have two main functions on the skin: moisturizing and gentle exfoliation. The accelerated removal of old and dead skin cells results in a visible refinement of the skin structure. The skin is softer, the complexion looks refreshed and the small wrinkles are reduced. The skin appears firmer and looks fresh. Crème égalisante Art. No Special cream with collagen and UV filters A + B This cream contains a particularly high proportion of plant-based collagen and, with constant use, reduces the formation of wrinkles. At the same time, it revitalizes and regenerates the skin. It can also be used in place of any other cream on an ongoing basis. 7th

6 special creams Crème miracle Art. No Eye wrinkle cream Like the cream Egalisante, this cream contains a rich proportion of vegetable collagen. However, it is more fatty and finer so that it can be gently and gently pounded into the sensitive eye and mouth areas. Liposome-gel Art. No Liposome-Gel The liposomes are a decisive breakthrough in today's cosmetology, as they very quickly distribute new active substances deep into the skin. Especially suitable for the delicate skin of the eyelids, as the liposome gel reduces wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Serum vital-lifting Art. No Vital-Lifting-Serum with wheat protein A light, liquid gel that pleasantly refreshes the skin. It was developed as a moisturizing fluid and shows an immediate firming effect. Due to its consistency, it penetrates easily into the skin and thus releases its active ingredients quickly. The serum is used to quickly achieve a radiant appearance with smooth skin and a relaxed face. Essentielle de Colosé aux plantes des alpes Art. No Special care cream with alpine herbs Helps with small problems such as cracked skin, reddened, irritated or inflamed skin. It is also applied to the lips, eyelids, cuticles, etc. It is rich in essential oils and fats that make the skin soft and supple and thus protect it from aggressive substances. Sport crème Art. No tinted day cream This finely balanced cream contains a successful mixture of vegetable collagen and proteins. It perfectly cares for the skin and gives it a sporty look with its light tint. In the case of particularly dry skin, it is advisable to apply a cream or care milk suitable for this skin type as an underlay. 8th

7 Sun Lait antisolaire SPF-4 No Sun protection milk factor 4 This sun milk does not impair the natural tanning process of the skin, but offers good protection against UV-B rays. The application should be repeated after bathing. Emulsion après-soleil Art. No Care after sunbathing This after-sun care covers the skin's pent-up need for moisture with a high dose of plant-based collagen. Thanks to the medicinal plant extract of aloe vera, skin damage is alleviated quickly and gently. Lait antisolaire SPF-15 Art. No Sunscreen Milk Factor 15 This sunscreen is particularly recommended for sensitive skin that has not yet been exposed to the sun. This milk also provides effective protection against skin damage on mountain tours. Lait autobronzant Art. No Self-tanning emulsion This product gives the skin a natural tan like after a few sunbaths. Crème solaire teintée SPF-15 Art. No Slightly tinted cream factor 15 This cream with sun protection factor 15 was specially developed to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays A and B. Lightly tinted and with nourishing shea butter, it gives the complexion a velvety fresh appearance. Gel solaire SPF-19 Art. No Sun protection gel factor 19 The sun protection gel with sun protection factor 19 effectively protects the skin from the sun. The non-greasy gel contains a plant extract as a natural sun filter. Gel après soleil Art. No Care gel after sunbathing This special after-sun care product gently soothes and regulates the moisture of the skin. The high-quality, oil-free gel contains vitamins and plant extracts, which make your tan appear more even and last longer. Baume pour les lèvres Art. No Garde + Sun lip care stick With valuable oils and care substances, your lips are protected and regenerated. Thanks to the added sun protection, it is an ideal care product on the beach or on mountain tours. 9

8 Body and Hair Shampooing volumateur Art. No Volume Shampoo A mild combination of surfactants cleans and cares for the hair. The mild, soap-free formulation gently cleanses and makes combing the hair easier. An additionally formulated polymer gives the hair more volume and elasticity. Shampooing doux Art. No Mild Shampoo Thanks to the additionally formulated milk proteins, the doux shampoo cares for the hair while it is being washed and makes it supple and shiny. Due to the special structure of this shampoo, the hair does not stick and is easier to style. Bain de mousse brise de mer Art. No bubble bath It spreads the stimulating scent of the sea flora and contains a refatting agent, which avoids any feeling of tension after the bath. 10 Douche-Gel Sport Art. No Shower Cream Sport The Douche Gel Sport gently cleanses and refreshes the skin. The mild gel formulation is easy to spread and lather on the skin, it leaves your skin feeling pleasant and you feel fit. Douche-Gel Art. No Shower-Gel Contains natural protein, has high foaming power and an extremely good cleaning effect. It is characterized by great skin tolerance, is exquisitely perfumed and particularly economical in daily use. Huile aux herbes pour massage Art. No Massage oil This massage oil, especially designed for dry skin, contains precious herbal extracts from St. John's wort, arnica and almonds. It keeps the skin supple and velvety and also increases its resistance. Lotion corporelle hydroactive Art. No Body cream Thanks to shea butter and silk proteins, this cream perfectly cares for your body. It gives the skin a silky shine and has a noble fragrance. Lotion après-bain Art. No Body care milk A valuable product with a long-lasting perfume. Excellent care ingredients with a strong moisturizing effect make this lotion indispensable for use after showering. Lotion pour les mains Art. No Hand Lotion Permanently replaces skin oil that has been removed by water. The allantoin alleviates small skin damage quickly and gently. It is quickly absorbed and keeps the hands soft and supple. Peeling corporel Art. No body peeling After the treatment with this peeling your skin will get a pleasant freshness. We recommend Colosé Aprés-Bain as the ideal aftercare.

9 Lotion pour le corps aux herbes des alpes Art. No Body lotion with alpine herbs Contains valuable, selected alpine plant extracts and gives the skin the necessary elasticity and firmness. Actif Lifting Art. No Active Body Lifting This Active Lifting Gel is a gel emulsion which contains caffeine, carnitine and Q10. Thanks to these high-quality active ingredients, it nourishes and firms your skin. It is quickly absorbed, refreshes your skin and prevents cellulite. Talc micro-fin Art. No Talc powder Contains disinfecting ingredients that make this product particularly useful for hand and foot care. Thanks to its great absorbency and refined perfume, it is a safe and durable deodorant. Lotion pour le corps satin Art. No Satin body lotion The Satin Body Lotion is a body lotion with optical effects. The iridescent micropigments give the skin an incomparable, silky shimmer and visually distract from irregularities such as small wrinkles. Crème mollifiante Art. No Foot Cream An essential product for tired and burning feet. Softens the hard cornea and has a moisturizing effect on very dry skin areas. Deodorant roll-on Art. No deodorant roll-on Thanks to its mineral salts, this deodorant has an astringent effect, which also reduces excessive perspiration. Its discreet, long-lasting fragrance gives you freshness and security. Deodorant pump spray Art. No Deodorant This deodorant contains very effective antibacterial components and thus prevents the development of unpleasant odors. It is extremely well tolerated and is suitable for sensitive skin. 11

10 Make-up Fond de Teint Art. No Make-up Cream This Fond de Teint makes your skin look velvety and softly shimmering. Its fine and even structure gives your skin an even foundation. Available in different colors. Poudre de beauté Art. No Beauty powder This loose transparent powder lies like a fine shimmer on the skin. It gives your skin a velvety matt appearance. The ideal complement to make-up. Crème poudre Art. No Creamy beauty powder A fond de complexion in a creamy, compact form that is characterized by a good matt effect and coverage. Art. No Compact powder Fine, pressed compact powder for a light, delicately shimmering finish. Practical in the mirror box for freshening up your make-up. Poudre rouge Art, 12410,12450,12460 Cheek rouge This compact cheek rouge is easy to apply thanks to its particularly velvety texture and gives a natural, fresh look. Crème rouge compact Art. No Compact cheek rouge A creamy, compact cheek rouge with a pearl effect. Silver Touch Art. No Silver Touch This silver-colored, multifunctional pencil gives your lips or eyelids an exclusive, silvery touch. You can achieve a particularly eye-catching effect if you apply the Silver Touch after the Poudre Rouge or on your cleavage. Gold Touch Art. No Gold Touch This gold-colored, multifunctional pencil gives your lips or eyelids an exclusive, golden touch. You can achieve a particularly eye-catching effect if you apply the Gold Touch after the Poudre Rouge or on your cleavage. 12th

11 Highlighter Art. No Highlighter The highlighter is a light water-in-oil emulsion with microfine pigments. The specially selected pigments (green iridescent mica pigments) cover redness, veins and wrinkles evenly. Your skin will immediately take on a soft and radiant appearance. Fard à paupières duett Art. No Eyeshadow compact duet Elegant box consisting of two fashionable, high quality eyeshadow compacts and an extra soft double applicator. Different colors are available. Crayon kajal Art. No kajal pencil A collection of high quality pencils which, thanks to their length, can be guided very precisely. Their leads made of extra soft cabbage allow easy application. Eye liner pen Art. No Eye contour pencil This delicate cream eye shadow underlines the expression of the eyes. Thanks to the fine brush, it can be applied precisely and easily. The color pigments used are completely harmless and do not irritate the skin. Mascara Art.No Mascara This mascara visually lengthens the lashes, shapes and tones them at the same time. It is waterproof and does not irritate the eyes. Cover Stick Art. No Cover Stick This creamy stick perfectly balances out shadows under the eyes and irregularities in the skin, giving you an even complexion. 13th

12 Men s Make-up Line Rouge à lèvres Art. No Lipsticks Thanks to our research, these lipsticks have a unique smoothness, are pleasantly scented and the colors are stable on the lips. Lip-Gloss with UV-Filter Art. No Lip Gloss Contains not only a subtle colorant but also nourishing substances. Gives the lips a soft, moist shimmer and can also be used without lipstick. Lip-Gloss liquid Art. No Liquid lip gloss This light gloss makes the lips shimmer irresistibly and at the same time cares for them. Contour lèvres Art. No Lip contour pencil This fine, soft pencil is used to emphasize and correct the shape of the lips. Available in different colors. Régénérateur Art. No Regenerating nail varnish base Colorless nail varnish base with protective varnish and nail hardener function. This product is ideally suited as a base coat to avoid any discoloration of nail polish. In addition, it hardens soft and brittle fingernails at the same time. Vernis à ongles Art. No Nail Polish The color tones are identical in quality and tone to those of our lipsticks and have a high color intensity and gloss. Fingernails and lips can be adjusted to match the color. Disques dissolvants Art. No Nail polish remover pads Acetone-free, soaked cotton discs. You can effortlessly remove any nail polish and take care of your fingernails and cuticles. 14th

13 Parfum / men's line Eau de parfum Rêve Bleu Art. No Rêve Bleu is a fragrance that exudes an atmosphere of calm and harmony. The combination of the Chinese tea rose and a special mixture of oriental flowers gives the body and mind a unique calming effect. Little by little you will immerse yourself in a world of relaxation. Skin lotion for men Art. No Skin lotion for men Disinfects and invigorates the skin thanks to its active ingredients. Apply before or after shaving. The skin regains its natural freshness and vitality. Déo roll-on for men Art. No deodorant roll-on for men This deodorant is enriched with active ingredients that counteract excessive perspiration without disrupting natural skin functions. After shave lotion Le Commandant Art. No After Shave Lotion Commandant Disinfecting, refreshing care product that reduces skin irritation caused by shaving. 15th