Can coffee promote creativity?

_Trends & Tech_July 2019

Coffee makes you creative

If "Coffee Day" is celebrated for the 13th time in Germany on October 1, 2019, then, according to international studies, it should also be "Creativity Day" at the same time. For two reasons:

Joint coffee breaks promote social structures and relaxed, free communication. Colleagues who "meet for a coffee" in the office exchange ideas on a level outside of their individual workplace and while conversing they come across good thoughts that flow positively into their daily work.

In addition, coffee with its almost 1,000 ingredients has been shown to stimulate the brain and support innovative thought processes.

For many decades, coffee consumption was viewed rather critically, the basic tenor was often: Coffee is bad for your health, stresses the heart and circulation, makes you dependent. However, the latest international and representative studies show that coffee is better than its reputation. In the meantime, it has even been said to have positive effects on physical and psychological functions. But here as well, as in other areas, the following applies: Each of us has to find out for ourselves what is good for us.

German citizens drink an average of around 164 liters of coffee per capita per year, so coffee beats every other drink. And so it is not surprising if the coffee consumption is high at corax too. Sure, we are a creative agency (which can not only be attributed to the coffee) - and so it is not surprising when we encourage creativity: For example with a new coffee machine that has recently been launched and to the delight of the corax team Service performed reliably and extremely tastefully.

Of course, our customers and those who want to become one can also enjoy the latest Siemens coffee technology. Perhaps a good reason to stop by the agency to enjoy one of the 400 billion cups of coffee around the world at our inland port 52 every year.