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Berlinale 2021: Bear winners of the Competition stand firm

The members of the international jury - Ildikó Enyedi (Hungary), Nadav Lapid (Israel), Adina Pintilie (Romania), Mohammad Rasoulof (Iran), Gianfranco Rosi (Italy) and Jasmila Žbanić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - have over prices in competition decided.
The award ceremony will take place at the Summer Special (June 9-20, 2021).

Golden Bear for the best film

(to the producers)

Babardeală cu bucluc sau porno balamuc (Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn)
by Radu Jude (Romania / Luxembourg / Croatia / Czech Republic)
produced by Ada Solomon

Jury reasoning:
“The Golden Bear goes to a film that has the rare and fundamental characteristics of an enduring work of art. It captures the actual content, the quintessence, mind and body, the values ​​and the bare flesh of our present moment on the canvas. This very moment of human existence.
He does this by conjuring up the zeitgeist, slapping him in the face, challenging him to a duel. And in doing so, he also questions the current point in time in the cinema by shaking our social and cinematic conventions with the same camera movement.
It is an artfully crafted film that is at the same time exuberant, intelligent and childish, geometric and lively, imprecise in the best possible way. He attacks the audience, provokes opposition, and yet does not allow anyone to keep a safe distance. "

Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize:

Guzen to sozo (Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy)
by Ryusuke Hamaguchi (Japan)

Jury reasoning:
“Where dialogues and words usually end, the dialogues in this film are just beginning. Here they go into the depths, so deep that we wonder astonished and worried: How much deeper does it go? Hamaguchi's words are matter, music, material.
At first it looks almost insignificant: a man and a woman, sometimes two women, are standing in a room with white walls. Then the scene starts moving and as it develops you feel that the whole universe, including yourself, is standing there with you in this simple space. "

Silver Bear Jury Prize:

Mr. Bachmann and his class (Mr Bachmann and His Class)
by Maria Speth (Germany) - Documentary form

Jury reasoning:
“In the film, you can draw attention to fundamental problems by putting your finger on the wound, or by showing confidence and suggesting how positive change can be made. The director of this sensitive and powerful documentary has opted for the latter strategy.
The film always keeps the right distance in its concentration on one of the 'sales representatives' of our society, who is decisive for the most formative years of our children and has a lasting influence on their attitude to life. Observed from the director's perspective, this teacher is unique: he reshapes a system in crisis - our European education system -, cushions it, makes it more human, and this humanity makes it much more effective.
The film shows how far you can go with genuine respect, open exchange and the magic trick that all great teachers can do: they kindle the fire of passion in their students by stimulating their imaginations. "

Silver Bear for Best Director:

Dénes Nagy for Természetes fény (Natural light)
(Hungary / Latvia / France / Germany) - debut film

Jury reasoning:
“Scary and wonderfully filmed, mesmerizing images; impressive directorial work and masterful control of every single component of the cinematic craft; a narrative that points beyond its historical context. The image of a war in which the attentive gaze of the director reminds us again that we have to choose between passivity and taking personal responsibility. "

Silver Bear for Best Acting Performance in a Leading Role:

Maren Eggert in I am your human (I'm your man)
by Maria Schrader (Germany)

Jury reasoning:
“Their presence made us curious, their charm sensitive. And her wide range of acting made us feel, laugh, and ask questions. With the support of her wonderful colleagues and her director, she confidently brought an excellent script to life and created an unforgettable character with whom we can identify - which makes us think about our present and our future, about our relationships and about what we really want in life. "

Silver Bear for Best Acting Performance in a Supporting Role:

Lilla Kizlinger in Rengeteg - mindenhol látlak (Forest - I See You Everywhere)
by Bence Fliegauf (Hungary)

Jury reasoning:
“Among the many outstanding miniature representations in Forest - I See You Everywhere we found one particularly convincing and memorable. On her young shoulders, Lilla Kizlinger bears an extraordinary responsibility with grace and a deceptively natural looseness. Through the power of her interpretation and her intense presence alone, she pulls the hidden levels of the scene to the surface and, strictly speaking, defines the reason behind the film: the uncanny threat to this world, the legacy that we adults leave to today's children. Instead of telling us something, explaining it to us, it does the much more difficult task of making us feel the need to reflect on the pressing, troubling questions of our present. She charmed us, and with this charm she made us think. "

Silver Bear for Best Screenplay:

Hong Sangsoo for Inteurodeoksyeon (Introduction)
by Hong Sangsoo (South Korea)

Jury reasoning:
“This script does more than tell a story or advance the plot efficiently, creating those fleeting spaces between one plot and the next where, for a moment, a hidden truth of human life is suddenly revealed, bright and clear . "

Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement:

Yibrán Asuad for the assembly of Una película de policías (A cop movie)
by Alonso Ruizpalacios (Mexico) - Documentary form

Jury reasoning:
“The Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement goes to the masterful assembly concept of a daring, innovative cinema that blurs the lines between fiction and reality and boldly explores the ability of film language to change our view of the world. Montage plays an essential role in underpinning the filmmaker's unique vision by skillfully deconstructing the numerous levels of reality and language to provide a detailed, thought-provoking glimpse into one of Mexico's most controversial institutions. "

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March 5, 2021