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Hide root rights: How to bypass root locks

Andreas Hitzig

More and more apps are checking whether your mobile device is rooted - if so, they deny the service or cannot be installed in the first place. In the workshop you will learn how to get most of them working anyway.

EnlargeThe app has a lock against root rights? You can often get around that.
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Since the beginning of May it has no longer been possible to install the Netflix app on rooted devices via the Google Play Store. Netflix justifies this with the implementation of the Safetynet rules and the use of Google's Widevine DRM system. The move is understandable from a Netflix point of view, as in-house series are repeatedly illegally copied and redistributed over the Internet. Despite everything, it blocks many users, such as those of custom ROMs, from using certain apps.

And this restriction is not only to be found in the entertainment sector: many banks now also see a rooted smartphone or tablet as a security risk. In this workshop we will show you how, under certain circumstances, you can still use the blocked apps.

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The starting point

EnlargeBefore you change the root app, you should make a complete backup of your device, for example using your recovery solution.

For the workshop we use a Nexus 7 Wifi (2013), on which an original Android and also the recovery app "TWRP" runs. Chainfire's “SuperSU” was originally used as the root solution. However, this had a decisive disadvantage: both the classic "Hide my Root" and the development "Su-Hide" could not effectively hide the root rights. The Sparkassen app as well as the Google Play Store recognized the existing “SuperSU” installation.

For this reason we replaced “SuperSU” with “Magisk” for our test. The root app was developed by the XDA programmer Topjohnwu and is available free of charge in the XDA forum. You can also easily undo the root.

However, before you carry out the following actions, we recommend that you make a full data backup of your device. The easiest way to perform the backup is through your recovery solution, in our case "TWRP". There you will find the corresponding function under "Backup" or "Save". Select all partitions offered and save them to the micro SD card or completely externally.

EnlargeThe Google Play Store successfully hides the “Netflix” app on a rooted smartphone or tablet.

If your mobile device is already rooted with "SuperSU", go to the settings of the app. Under “Cleanup” you will find the menu item “Complete Un-Rooting”. Select this point to completely uninstall “SuperSU”.

Installation of Magisk

EnlargeComplete a un-rooting from the “SuperSU” app if you are using the app.

After you have downloaded the APK via the link above, activate the parameter “Allow apps to be installed from sources other than the Play Store” in “Settings -> Security” of your Android. Then go to the APK and install it. For security reasons, you should deactivate the installation of apps of unknown origin immediately afterwards.

EnlargeAfter installing the “Magisk Manager”, download the current “Magisk” version.

When you start it for the first time, you land directly in the "Install" view. From this menu, click the "Download" button to load the second part of the application from the Magisk server.

EnlargeThe installation of “Magisk” is a two-step process. The use of the recovery solution is essential.

To install the zip file, shut down your Android operating system and switch back to your recovery solution. In the case of "TWRP", carry out the installation via the "Install" menu. The downloaded zip file can be found in the “Magisk Manager” folder. After installing the zip file, empty the "Dalvik cache" and then restart your mobile device.

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The first use of Magisk

EnlargeWhen you start it for the first time, the “Magisk Manager” shows you that your device is now properly rooted.

After calling up the "Magisk Manager" you will land on the overview page with two green bars. You have now installed the latest version of "Magisk" and your device is rooted. In addition, the “Root Checker” app confirms root access.

Back in the "Magisk" app, check the Safetynet status of your device. This Google API indicates if it is safe by definition by Google. If you get an error message at this point, you can no longer use Google Pay, for example. However, this interface is not only used by banking apps; also games like Pokémon Go or Snapchat