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left handed : 33 amazing facts

1) Left-handed people are a minority. Nobody knows exactly how many there are. In Germany there should be between ten and 15 percent. Most studies show that there are more left-handed people among men than among women.

2) Plato believed that handedness was a matter of education. Aristotle assumed it was innate. Today's scientists suspect that too. Nevertheless, a quarter of all identical - and therefore genetically identical - twins have different handedness. A left-handed gene has not yet been found.

3) The unofficial left-handed world record in the javelin throw is held by the German Matthias de Zordo with 88.36 meters. The official world record, set by a right-hander, is 98.48 meters.

4) The proportion of left-handed cockatoos in helmeted cockatoos is 100 percent. Chimpanzees are mostly right-handed, gorillas are more likely to be two-handed. In captivity, great apes tend to be predominantly right-handed. Biologists assume they adapt to their mostly right-handed carers.

5) “Left-Handed Day” is August 13th.

6) Most snails have a right-turning house on their backs. Depending on the type, there is one left-hand screw for every 10,000 to 1 000 000 right-hand worms. The left-handers are probably so rare because pairing them with right-handers is anatomically complicated.

7) Unlike blondes, East Frisians, Manta drivers or officials, there are no jokes about left-handed people.

8) Five out of seven US presidents since 1974 have been or are left-handed: Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Obama's last opponent, John McCain, is also one.

9) Most creepers are left-hand winders, i.e. when viewed from above, they wrap themselves counterclockwise around a branch, tree, stick, etc.

10) In Europe three quarters of all people fold their hands so that the left thumb is on top. The further east you go, the less often this is the norm. In New Guinea, only 30 percent of people lock their hands this way. You don't know why.

11) Most people are right-footed. That is, they run with a left twist because they push off more strongly with the stronger, right foot. This is why most sports stadiums run counterclockwise. The same applies to horses, which is why you should tend to bet on right-handed people. Supermarket designers, too, usually build shops in such a way that you make a left turn when walking past the shelves.

12) People who speak into the right ear of their counterpart while smoking cigarettes are almost twice as likely to receive a cigarette as supplicants who speak into their left ear. This is what Italian researchers found out. The reason: what gets into the right ear is first processed by the left hemisphere. This is where the language and logic center is located, which processes the request without judgment. Concerns come from the right half, where creativity and holistic thinking are at home, among other things. But when this page becomes active, the decision has usually already been made.

13) According to a UK study, 60 out of 75 unborn babies suckle their right thumb.

14) The philosopher Empedocles believed in the 5th century BC that a woman's uterus was divided into two parts. Boys would emerge on the right, girls on the left. His contemporary Anaxagoras, however, recommended men who wanted to father a son to tie off the left testicle. The male sperm would be in the right one, and in most men the larger one. In the 18th century, many French noblemen had their left testicle amputated straight away.

15) According to an American study, left-handed people have an increased risk of accidents. Your risk of injury is also higher. While left-handed people had an approximately 17 percent chance of injury in a car accident, it was just under eight percent among right-handed people. A Scottish study of school children playing football revealed a similar result - without really being able to explain why.

16) Actors who want to enter the stage unnoticed usually come from the right. We pay more attention to things in our left field of vision.

17) Contrary to popular belief, the brain of left-handers is not mirror-inverted.

18) The Guugu Yimithirr, indigenous people of northern Australia, don't know left and right. You orientate yourself solely through the environment. So a fly sits on the southern arm. If you turn around, she sits on the northern one.

19) The proportion of people who have problems distinguishing between left and right is between 20 and 30 percent.

20) Left-handed men can remember faces better than their right-handed counterparts because their brain, like that of women, accesses both sides of the brain more at the same time.

21) Right-handed people tend to keep their heads looking to the left when painting faces.

22) Most right-handed people use their left hand much more often than they think, and the advantage of the dominant hand is put into perspective with age anyway. Pure right-handers and pure left-handers are rare.

23) Diego Maradona's “Hand of God”, with which he scored his legendary goal against England in 1986, was his left. The footballer is right-handed.

24) Tennis, table tennis, badminton, some fencing disciplines, boxing, baseball, cricket: in all of these disciplines, left-handers are above average successful. On the other hand, there are hardly any abnormalities with darts, javelin throw, bowling or snooker. Conclusion: wherever there is hand to hand, left-handers have an advantage. Researchers suspect that this could be due to the fact that right-handers are less skilled in duels with them. One study showed that right-handed people have a hard time assessing where left-handed people will hit a tennis ball.

25) Studies have not been able to confirm that musicians are more often left-handed. However, due to the often long two-handed exercise practice, they are less prone to one-sidedness.

26) The gangster Billy the Kid was long considered left-handed because only a mirror-inverted photo of him existed.

27) The Mensa, the club of the highly intelligent, could not confirm that the proportion of its left-handed members is particularly high. In a survey in 2010, only seven percent of the members said they were left-handed.

28) Ancient Romans tended to return left-handed slaves as "damaged goods" or at least want to get discounts for them. At the time, however, they were in demand in the quarry. There was always a right- and a left-hander working in the team so that both could draw well.

29) On the day of judgment, when God judges men, the good will sit on his right hand, the bad on his left. Says the Bible. And so Jesus usually looks to the right on the cross - to where the insightful of the two criminals who were crucified with him hangs. Similarly, left-handedness during the time of the witch hunt increased the likelihood of ending up at the stake. The term “left hand path” encompasses various religious occult practices such as Satanism that deviate from “right belief”.

30) Wallets have, when you open them, the change pocket on the right. Right-handers can then hold the wallet with their left hand and sort the coins with the motorized right hand.

31) Burger King advertised in 1998 with the introduction of a 180 degree rotated burger specifically for left-handers. The ad appeared on April 1st, which did not prevent many customers from ordering this burger or insisting on the right-handed one.

32) Spiral stairs in castles usually wind their way around to the right. This has advantages when it comes to defense, because the knight coming from above has more space to swing his sword.

33) In English, someone who is dead drunk is colloquially “completely left-handed”.

We have largely taken the astonishing facts from the book “Only for Left Handers” by Sebastian Jutzi, which has just been published (joke, 14.99 euros).

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