What is Kip Moore's most successful song

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"Music is my only real love, everything else is just affairs," said the 37-year-old country rock singer Kip Moorewho released his third studio album on September 22nd Slowheart in this country. The great album shows the singer and songwriter musically matured and more varied than ever. Obviously, when the right amount of love and passion goes into Kip Moore's projects, something very special happens, because Slowheartis one of the strongest albums in country rock this year.

Musically, Kip Moore has been breaking all genre boundaries since the start of his career. Americana, heartland rock, country, folk. Everything flows into each other in songs like “Just Another Girl”, “Last Shot”, “Sunburn” or the opener “Plead The Fifth”. For the latter, Kip Moore for once did not have his songwriting fingers in the game (for eleven of the 13 tracks). Nevertheless, he can deal with the composition ofJohn Randall and Luke Dick fully identify. "This song is my middle finger to everyone who thought I was already in the past," he told the Rolling Stone. For the critic of the musicians' bible, Kip Moore is apparently exactly the opposite: he is an artist who only lives by his own rules and does not sweep his feelings under the table. And who - despite his athletic talent - is an absolute music fanatic.

For the singer from Tifton, Georgia, it must have been a difficult decision: should he become a professional athlete or a musician? The singer, who was born on April 1, 1980, was born with this question of conscience - after all, his father was a professional golf player, his mother a piano teacher and painter. Sport or art? Ironically, when he was awarded a sports scholarship at the renowned Valdosta State University for his outstanding achievements in golf, he discovered his passion for music - and finally decided on the world of notes and rhythms. “I have never regretted this decision. Because once you've stood on a stage and experienced the reaction of your fans, then you want to experience it again and again, ”he said in a recent interview. So: 1-0 for the music.

Today, Kip Moore is not only one of the most popular names in Nashville, which is not lacking in catchy names. He did well during his 2012 hit album Up all night A career that has already started can also be established as a globally successful star: from South America to Australia to Iceland, the terrific live entertainer effortlessly fills even the largest halls. An almost unique career criterion in the Nashville country scene. On the other hand, it's not that surprising. Because the singer and songwriter is one Bruce Springsteen always closer than one George Strait.

This also applies to his new album Slowheart. Or better: especially for “slowheart”. It shows Kip Moore as a great storyteller, as a sharp-tongued observer and chronicler of the time - and it shows him as a thoughtful, self-reflective poet who is not afraid to openly spread his sometimes troubled soul. "It's my most personal album so far," he wrote to the American Rolling Stone therefore also told. In addition to relationship boxes and the dark side of fame, Moore also reports on the life of a musician. The best example of this is the last song on his third studio album: “Guitar Man”, an almost six-minute ode to the ups and downs of a musician. "This song is my life story," he dictated Rolling Stone-Reporter in the block, "I told about my dreams and what it was like when they came true."

Listen in here Slowheart: