Which country eats the most chocolate?

How much chocolate does a swiss eat per year?

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How many bars of chocolate do Austrians eat each year?

Austria 2nd place worldwide for chocolate consumption

Nobody eats like that a lot of chocolate like the Swiss. In second place is Austria followed by Germany. According to a Euromonitor survey quoted by Lindt, eat the Swiss an average of 8.8 kilograms of "chocolate" per capita (as of 2017).

Which country consumes the most chocolate?

The statistics show the per capitaconsumption of chocolate and chocolate products in core markets worldwide in 2015 (in kg per capita). The per capitaconsumption of chocolate is highest in Switzerland. According to estimates, every Swiss consumer weighed 8.8 kg in 2015 chocolate eaten.

Which country eats the most sweets?

Germany is not only the most consumer-friendly country of Sweets, but also the leading exporter of these. In 2019, Germany exported the most sweets (without chocolate).

How much cheese does Switzerland produce?

Emmentaler, Gruyère, Sbrinz: Swiss cheese is more popular than ever. Nevertheless, there are fewer and fewer dairy cows in the country. Around 180,000 tons cheese from cow's milk are produced annually in the Switzerland produces.

How much does a German eat per year?

So in this country in year Around 25 kilograms in 2019 cheese consumed per capita. In the past few decades, the per capita consumption of cheese gone up. For comparison: Im year In 2000, the per capita consumption was still 21 kilograms.

In which country is most cheese eaten?

The most cheese per capita is - who would have thought it - in France eaten. Every French person consumes almost a full 26 kilograms a year. This is followed by Iceland, Finland, Germany, Estonia and Switzerland.

Which chocolate is sold the most?

Ranking of the most popular brands of chocolate bars in Germany until 2020. In 2020 Milka was the most popular chocolate bar brand in Germany. According to the consumption and media analysis, around 37.7 percent of Germans consumed in the four weeks prior to the survey chocolate from Milka.

Which chocolate is eaten the most?

The favorite chocolate. Basically eat Germans like six different types of chocolate on average. Whole milkchocolate performs best with 55 percent. In second place is the classic hazelnut (53 percent) and third place is occupied by the nougat variety (52 percent) (multiple answers).

Where is chocolate sold?

The sale the chocolate took place in the chocolaterie. Most of these were sales outlets directly at the production facility. Nowadays, chocolateries can be found as café-chocolateries in the cities.

Which country is known for its chocolate?

Switzerland is worldwide with chocolate connected. It owes this to manufacturers such as Lindt & Sprüngli, Cailler and Chocolat Frey. Or products like Toblerone from the US company Mondelez and Kitkat from the food giant Nestlé.

Where is the most beer drunk?

Per capita consumption of beer worldwide by country in 2018. That country with the highest per capita consumption of beer is Czech Republic. In 2018, the average per capita consumption totaled 191.8 liters. Austria, Germany and Romania follow in the ranking.

Where does the name of chocolate come from?

With the Mayans it was called “chocol haa”, with the Aztecs “xocolatl” - so the Spaniards simply combined both words with one another. But since it was problematic for them to pronounce a “tl” at the end, they quickly changed this to a “te”. The result: "chocolate“.

How many sweets do Germans eat?

More and more children and adults are overweight, but the desire for chocolate, nibbles or ice cream is still unbroken in this country: everyone German ate just under 31 kilograms of sweets in 2019 - almost one percent more than in the previous year.