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Translation of "favorite shirt" in German

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I don't know if you're him, but if you lived on Spruce Street and if your favorite shirt is a gray velor one, I need to speak to you.
If you're the Matt on Spruce Street ... and yours Favorite shirt is gray, I have to speak to you immediately, please.
And this was my favorite shirt from when I was 12!
You know, I should be ruined my favorite shirt.
Caring for your favorite dress, yours favorite shirt.
It was a great moment in Slovak ice hockey history. At 6am, I came home, dressed in my favorite shirt, grabbed my book bag, and went to school - without sleep or breakfast.
It was a big moment in the history of Slovak ice hockey, at six o'clock I got home and pulled mine Favorite shirt accepted, took my school bag and went to school - without sleep and without breakfast.
Well, it was my favorite shirt.
The Michael Andrews Bespoke configurator smoothly guides users through hundreds of options to customize their favorite shirt (in a later phase this will be expanded to other garments).
Michael Andrews Bespoke's configurator guides you step-by-step through hundreds of options for your Favorite shirt to design individually. In a later project phase, this offer will be expanded to include other items of clothing.
I'll have the last laugh when he finds out I wrapped his cab around a telephone pole, wearing his favorite shirt.
But I'll show him because soon he'll find his taxi ... wrapped around a telephone pole with me in his Favorite shirt.
You make it sound like he took my favorite shirt without asking.
He's not only got mine Favorite shirt taken without asking.
Before Samantha told me this was her favorite shirt.
Lauren said this was her favorite shirt.
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