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Comic Con Germany 2019 - Comics, Cosplay & Nerdgasmen: Our experience report

Also this year the Comic Con Germany on June 29th and 30th, nerds, cosplayers and comic fans are invited to the tranquil Swabian region for Germany's most popular comic con In the great hall 1 of the Stuttgart trade fair Thousands of people romped about marveling at the wonderful costumes of the cosplayers, spending hundreds of euros on comics and merch, international top artists like Mike Perkins or Mark Brooks Look over your shoulder, stars like Karen Gillan and Lou Ferrigno listen or just philosophize about nerd stuff.

To my shame I have to admit that this year's visit to the Comic Con Germany my first was the Stuttgart Con. Together with a good friend, my MBD colleague Viri and the guys from DC Blog Germany we met on site and mixed up the shop a little. At the booth of our dear friends of Panini Comics Germany we were allowed to meet with the Kevin Feige of the German comic world, Steffen Volkmer, not only entertain, but also conduct a short interview. You will be able to see this in the course of the next few days.

Then it went to the artists who made drawings for a "small" fee at the Panini stand and even signed Panini comics free of charge. The two most famous were Mark Brooks and Mike Perkinswho were both in a great mood and with whom you could even exchange a few words. Nevertheless, I have to criticize a bit at this point:

  • The CCXP in Cologne could with Brian Azzarello, Mike Deodato Jr., David & Meredith Finch, Joe Prado and Ivan Reis raise the much larger guns. I would like to see two or three more top names next year.
  • The organization [sketches and signatures] was unfortunately a bit poor. Lots of “fans” shoved their way forward and those who wanted a simple signature sometimes had to wait a long time, as the artist naturally also has to make a sketch first. On the one hand, you should try to form a queue and possibly divide the time between the signature and the sketch. That would probably mean less stress for everyone involved.
  • A slightly larger panel with artists and authors on stage would be absolutely awesome. I would rather listen to a draftsman or author than to any "Influencer“That most of you don't know anyway. [Note d. Editor: Mike Perkins probably had a panel that we missed completely.]

Then we explored the grandiose Comic zone. In addition to other publishers such as Sliver, Cross Cult, Carlsen Comics and many more, we were especially enthusiastic about the Artist Alley. Many local artists and talents presented their works here, including our dear friend Art of Münchgesang. After a short chat, we went on to Cosplay zone. As on other Cons before, it was impressive to see the many cosplayers and their fantastic costumes. Above all, of course Young Avengers Europewho put on a fantastic show and some of which I was finally able to get to know personally.

A touch of Hollywood

Star guests from Hollywood should of course not be missing at a good comic con. Karen Gillan and Pom Klementieff [among others. Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers], Jonathan Frakes [among others. Star Trek and X-Factor] and Ivan Rheon [among others. Misfits and Game of Thrones] provided film and series fans with a great experience. You could ask the actors questions on the panels and even get autographs and photos together for a fee. There was also a screening of the first episode of the Amazon series and comic book adaptation The boys by Garth Ennis.

Comics and merch as far as the eye can see ...

My personal favorites were of course the comic book dealers. In addition to the publishers, there were also dealers like that Collectors corner and Comic land from Dortmund at the start. The collector's corner had rented a gigantic area of ​​Hall 1 and even sold comics per kilo price. In addition to older issues and US comics, all the new items were also available. Many other retailers sold all sorts of merch and many long-out-of-print comics at super fair prices. You can admire my this year's yield here:

Conclusion: My first visit to Comic Con Stuttgart completely exceeded my expectations. Especially since I thought that one day would be enough. But I was completely wrong. The almost endless possibilities to spend the day, coupled with the good organization, super nice employees [from the exhibition staff to the con staff] and a fantastically air-conditioned exhibition hall complete the nerd experience. Many Thanks Comic Con Stuttgart, we will definitely see each other again next year!