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GBH: All good things come in threes - KV qualification as a carpenter and wood designer + 2.1%

Significantly more wages and free time for 21,000 carpenters. Significant increase in apprentice income. A 2-year degree also ensures a real wage increase for 2022

Vienna (OTS) - The Bau-Holz (GBH) trade union achieved today (March 31) a + 2.1 percent wage increase for all carpenters and wood designers as well as a paid non-working day on December 24th and 31st. In addition, there is a significant increase in the apprentice's income. A 2-year contract also ensures real wage growth for 2022. This is the third successful commercial graduation from GBH within a few days. ++++

The GBH was able to achieve a third successful degree within just one week. After graduating in ancillary construction trade (+ 2.1 percent) for 55,000 workers and yesterday's qualification in timber construction (+2.1 percent) for around 10,000 workers, a very good result was again achieved today for around 21,000 carpenters.

Zwtl: wages plus 2.1 percent - December 24th and 31st without work - significant increase in apprentice income - 2-year graduation also brings a real wage increase in 2022

Wages and allowances will increase by 2.1 percent as of May 1, 2021. As of May 1, 2022, there is an increase of plus 0.5 percentage points in addition to the consumer price index (CPI). The previous overpayments remain in place. December 24th and 31st are paid and non-working days. An increase was also agreed for the daily allowance. A significant increase in the apprentice's income will make the apprenticeship carpenter and wood designer even more attractive for young employees.

The negotiator on the workers' side, construction and timber union Abg. z. NR Josef Muchitsch in conclusion: “I am very pleased that, after two successful degrees, we were able to achieve a third degree for our carpenters within a few days. We are particularly pleased that in the third round of negotiations we can meet our longstanding demand “24. and 31.12. paid work-free ”. Once again we as GBH showed how lived social partnership works. "

The Bau-Holz trade union (GBH) negotiates the wages for 240,000 workers from the construction, wood and stone industries. The next commercial negotiation will take place on April 8th with the largest branch of the GBH, the building trade and the construction industry with around 98,000 workers.

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