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Astrologer (Cert.): Recognize and interpret the signs of the times in the horoscope

Astrology courses are also suitable for career changers as well as for people who are already working in an advisory or therapeutic capacity and would like to use this method in addition. You will learn to calculate horoscopes and to interpret the positions of the planets in the houses and signs as well as to hold consultations and write reports.

The courses take place on weekends or in the evenings. Basic courses last about 6 months, advanced and diploma courses up to 2 years. Find out more about astrology itself and the courses in our «Tips, tests and information».

The following list shows you suitable providers

St. Luzi Street 8
9492 Eschen FL
NaturheilZentrum AG
(5.4) Very good 1616 reviews (93%)
Welcome to the NaturheilZentrum in Eschen FL - your training center in the four-country corner of Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Switzerland!
We have been conducting courses in naturopathy for over 20 years and today we have a wide range of courses in anatomy / conventional medicine, astrology, Bach flower therapy, nutritional and foot reflexology therapy, in homeopathy, natural and herbal medicine and Schüssler salts. Come in and let yourself be enchanted by our world!
We also offer training in Spiritual Healing, as a radiesthetic consultant (commuting), holistic health practitioner - the training of the new era, iris diagnostics, classic massage and much more ...

We hold a meditation evening once a month, we have homeopathy training days (also once a month) and various small courses of various kinds on offer.
Strengthen:Family school which can respond very individually to your questions and problems. Our lessons are led by a team of experienced practitioners.
Region:Liechtenstein, Eastern Switzerland
Certifications, memberships, qualifications:
Greyerzstrasse 83
3013 Bern
EAAP energy work and astrological psychology
The EAAP offers a basic course in astrological psychology, counseling training and advanced training seminars.
Our locations: City of Bern, Stäfa / Zurich and Olten
Course locations: Bern, Stäfa ZH, Olten - all locations are easily accessible by public transport or offer nearby parking facilities:

Basic courses spring 2021
Classroom teaching in Stäfa / ZH Head: Elsbeth Meyer / Start 13./14. March weekend course
Online seminar / directed by Jacqueline Schmutz / Start: Wednesday, March 3rd evening course

Request our information documents without obligation.
We are looking forward to your contact!
Region:Aargau, Basel, Bern, Zurich
Locations:Bern, Stäfa / ZH
Bahnhofstrasse 13
3076 Worb
C&H Consulting, Courses, Seminars GmbH
The technical school C&H Consulting, Courses, Seminars GmbH, Christoph Bürer, Medium, dipl. psych. Astrologe ZFA, teacher for spiritual communication and Heidi Bürer-Gmünder, diploma training in practical psychology, dipl. Yoga teacher (Parampadma Dhiranandaji), seminar leader for autogenic training, offers medial and spiritual personal development:
- Diploma training in psychological-spiritual mediumship and spiritual healing
- Further education "The next level of mediumship and healing"
- Basic and advanced course in psychological-spiritual astrology
- Ongoing hatha yoga classes
- Evening exercise circles for meditation, mediumship, healing and experimental trance
- Seminars on spiritual development and personal development
Institute for Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology André Pasteur
Brunnenrain 39
8415 Berg am Irchel
Infis: Feng Shui - Radiesthesia / Pendulum Healing - Chinese Astrology - Incense - Tarot. Many courses also in hybrid lessons: online and on site

We stand for the highest quality and authentic knowledge. All courses are always offered online.

The author and internationally known expert André Pasteur provides you with comprehensive and holistic knowledge in the following areas:
- Feng Shui
- Radiesthesia, pendulum healing in the morphogenetic field
- House cleaning and smoking
- Chinese astrology
- tarot

All of our seminars are also offered simultaneously online. You can attend the seminar while you are at home in front of the screen.
Therapists will receive a confirmation from us with all the necessary information so that they can submit the completed courses as further training to the EMR, SBO-FVS, etc.

Ask for our documents or give us a call for a non-binding discussion.
Locations:Berg am Irchel, Winterthur, Zurich
Landoltstrasse 111
3007 Bern
Astrology and Tarot Center Bern
Astrological psychology is a synthesis between modern psychological knowledge and ancient astrological knowledge. Bruno and Louise Huber founded the Astrological-Psychological Institute API in Adliswil near Zurich in 1968. Huber astrology courses are held in various cities in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and England
Spain carried out.
The training to become an astrological-psychological consultant usually lasts 3 years and ends with a diploma seminar. Many attend the courses not only for vocational training, but for self-awareness and to support their own development. At the API School Bern you can attend the basic and advanced courses for API training.

Here you will find tips and decision-making aids in choosing the right training or further education

4 steps to the right training

Answer questions

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    Is there a federally recognized training in astrology?

    No, in the field of astrology there is no education or training that is federally regulated and recognized. The courses conclude with an in-house certificate or diploma.
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    What prior knowledge do I need for an astrology training?

    Each school defines the requirements for the course participants independently, so that these can vary depending on the school. In most cases, however, those interested in a course are not expected to have any astrological knowledge for a basic course, but a completed professional training is required, which ensures that the participants have a certain level of education, age and life experience. Some schools also require an aptitude test before the course begins, but this is not the rule. Please find out more about the admission requirements and the target group at the relevant schools for astrology training.
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    Where can I find employment as an astrologer?

    Astrologers who appear on television and make their skills available to an audience of millions are rather rare and do not represent the norm. Most astrologers work part-time on a self-employed basis. They offer personal advice or specialize in certain areas, such as economic astrology. Astrologers rarely find a permanent position in astrology, as it requires years of experience, perseverance, good marketing and a certain degree of awareness. Entry into astrological counseling is therefore on a part-time basis.
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    How long does an astrologer training take?

    If you want to be trained in astrology, you usually do this part-time, often about every two weeks for 2 days. Due to this low intensity, the training to become an astrologer extends over at least 2 years, in some schools even over 5 years.

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Astrology: Take advantage of educational opportunities so that you can practice successfully.

In astrology, a horoscope is interpreted taking into account events in the past and on the basis of the current situation. Meanwhile, the astrologer is supported by software in calculating and interpreting horoscopes. However, these programs cannot replace experience and training. In order to be successful in astrology, a solid education and permanent further education is extremely important. Are you looking for a course on this topic? At you will find numerous providers who offer courses on this topic. Get detailed information from the institute of your choice. You will then receive this documentation immediately. They help you as a valuable decision aid for the right training offer on the subject of astrology.