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Effects research portal

Brief description:

The Effects Research Portal offers equity fund and portfolio managers worldwide access to current risk and financial information on stocks and bonds. The focus of the application is the management of both "real" and "simulative" portfolios. Extensive notification and reporting functions are available for the distribution or forwarding of risk assessments for bonds and stocks.


In addition to providing research information from classic investment instruments such as stocks, the application supports users (portfolio managers, research analysts) in the creation and management of portfolios. For example, when putting together such portfolios that are offered in the Islamic legal area (Sharia = religious doctrine of the duties of Islam) by including some of the legal and cultural aspects to be taken into account.

Functional description:

The assessment of opportunities / risks when purchasing stocks or bonds is made on the basis of a large number of factors. On the one hand, financial parameters such as sales, industry, number of employees and cash flow as well as historical experience and rating assignments by other rating agencies must be taken into account. The program supports the portfolio manager by making a large amount of this relevant data available in a clear form. As a result, the local managers benefit from the know-how of the local managers worldwide and the return is maximized. By means of a large number of incoming and outgoing interfaces, changes to model portfolios can be made directly on the basis of the knowledge gained.