Are sugar and yogurt mixed together in a healthy way

Are Probiotic Drinking Yogurts Healthy?

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Drinking yogurt comes in handy. Many people mainly use so-called probiotic yoghurts. Probiotic means "pro bios" - for life. It just means that the cultures in the yogurt are still alive. These microorganisms are contained in every yoghurt as long as it has not been subsequently heated. "Bifidus" are the body's own lactic acid bacteria that each of us has in our intestines. Everyone has "Lactobacillus" in their intestines. They are part of a complex ecosystem of more than 2,000 bacterial colonies in our intestines.

High sugar content

In addition to bacteria, there should also be fruit, vitamins and calcium in the drinking bottles. But nutrition expert Karin Riemann-Lorenz discovered that the three most popular drinking yoghurts hardly contain any fruit. The vitamins are artificial and in addition a lot of artificial flavors, thickeners and, above all, a lot of sugar are added. 100 milliliters of Activia contains 11.5 grams of sugar, 100 milliliters of Actimel contains 10.5 grams and 100 milliliters of Yakult contain 14.2 grams of sugar. For comparison: 100 milliliters of cola contain 10.6 grams of sugar.

In all three products, billions of living cultures were found which, for example, are able to suppress diarrhea pathogens while taking antibiotics. But in order to have a lasting positive effect on the intestines in healthy people, one would have to consume around 20 bottles of drinking yoghurt per day over a period of three to four weeks. That would be over 200 grams of sugar, around 70 sugar cubes per day.

Alternative: make your own drinking yoghurt

It is healthier to make your own drinking yoghurt: Mix a few spoons of natural yoghurt with milk until the desired consistency is achieved. Add the vanilla and fresh fruit - the healthy drinking yoghurt is ready.

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