Is it a sin to be racist?

Praeses: Racism is a sin

Photo: ekir / Lichterscheidt

Düsseldorf (June 11, 2020).
President Manfred Rekowski positions himself with clear words: “Racism is a sin,” he says in his video of the week. Racism should not be accepted anywhere. Everyone counts and has the same dignity, emphasizes the President of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland. But the church also still has a lot to learn on the subject of diversity.

"Everyone counts"
Rekowski looks at the people who are protesting the death of the African American George Floyd as a result of police violence in Minneapolis. "Everyone counts, regardless of their origin, regardless of ethnicity," said Preses Rekowski. Jesus Christ, the clock and center of the Church, hold people together and create community. That is why Christians do not exclude anyone: “Everyone has the same dignity.” However, racism is not only a problem in other parts of the world, but also in the middle of Germany. But: “Racism is a sin. It is unacceptable - not in our country and nowhere on earth. "

"Let's give God's Spirit a chance"
But Rekowski also warns of church arrogance: “We as churches are not just the teachers who know everything better. We are also learners there. ”If you look around the streets in our country, it is“ pretty colorful ”, the Rhenish praeses state. "If you look at how things go in our church services, at church events or in governing bodies, you notice that diversity is not reflected there." But God's spirit brings different people together: "Let's give God's spirit a chance!"

About the person: Manfred Rekowski
Manfred Rekowski has been President of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland since March 2013. The theologian (62) was born in Poland. When he was five years old, he and his family moved to West Germany. Rekowski studied theology in Bethel, Marburg, Bochum and Wuppertal. In 1986 he became a pastor in Wuppertal.