What is a strange but interesting conversation starter

The 7 best phrases to get you started on Bumble

For women: how do I start the conversation?

"How funny, you know Stefan too?"

At Bumble, the mutual friends that you share on Facebook are displayed. In this way you can already estimate in which circle of friends the match is moving. And it's a great hook to take the first step. It is best to address a male mutual friend here. Not that you accidentally direct the subject to an ex-girlfriend.

"Have you heard the new THE XX album?"

Anyone who has linked their Spotify playlist at Bumble can display their favorite musicians in their profile. When your match does that, you can start with your favorite band song or ask them if they were at the last concert too.

"Do you prefer to travel to the sea or to the mountains?"

You can see from the photos that your match is a travel-loving guy? Then ask him about his vacation preferences. That way you can quickly get into conversation about planned trips, favorite cities or experiences from abroad. And if the match turns into a relationship with you, he immediately knows which travel destination he could bring you joy with.

"You have a Labrador? I love dogs!"

Notice what you can see in his pictures. Can you see his pet in the picture? Or is he doing his hobby? Or do you recognize the restaurant where the photo was taken? Then go into it and ask him the first question on the subject.

"Hey. Do you fancy a coffee?"

This sentence can resonate a bit with the other person, but it is especially worthwhile if you can see that the person is in the immediate vicinity. Because with Bumble you can see how far away the person is from you after a match. And if you have the feeling - for example because you have a lot of mutual friends, because the pictures look promising, that you could have a lot to talk about, or because the description in his profile seems very likeable: why not listen to your gut feeling and act directly Make a date? You have nothing to lose.


As simple as a "hello", but may be a bit more humorous - if the emoji is chosen correctly. If you as a woman do not dare to formulate a whole sentence and want to pass the ball to the man again, choose an emoji. Please do not send peaches, eggplants or other emojis with double meanings. With a waving or smiling smiley you are much better off and on the safe side.

For men: what to do if you just send "hello" or emoji in chat?

Because then it's your turn again and now you also have to take a first step. Maybe the person you're talking to is shy or doesn't dare to ask a question right away. But you still want to find out more about them? Well. Then either use the 6 tips that we gave the women before. Or you hit them with their own weapons:

"Can you describe your life to me in 5 emojis?"

Because that's how a funny conversation will start quickly. And it is much easier to imagine than if you have to write a text about yourself. There will be quite a bit of talk, because most of the time an emoji is not very self-explanatory. In this way, it is easy to move from a short-syllable conversation to a longer chat. Just give it a try!